Working Capital Loan – $100k in 24 HRS

Working Capital Loan

Would you like to double or even triple your business revenue 82% of businesses that fail they do not have enough working capital. Working capital is basically the difference you have after you pay your business expenses. That is the money you can work with to expand your business to fix emergencies. Working capital is the bread and butter of a business and if you don’t have enough of it, you’re going to fail. Here’s our working capital loan up to $100k in 24 hours.

Working Capital Loan – $100k in 24 HRS

So I am going to talk about how you can get up to $100,000 within 24 hours working capital, this is revenue based capital. So this is not dependent on your credit score per se. 

There is no collateral needed because 13% of businesses are being approved by big banks. Only 13% If you go to a credit union, it is a little bit better. 18% But as if you meet the requirements 80% of businesses that have the requirements, get funding through us. So we are going to talk about what you need to get $100,000 working capital. 

How to Get a Working Capital Business Loan

The first thing is we can usually lend up to two times your monthly revenue. So in the last three months, if you have made about $50,000 a month with your business, you could probably get a $100,000 working capital loan within 24 hours. If you go through the banks, you’re looking at two weeks to a couple months, you have to have a credit score of 700 or higher. With us, you only need a credit score of 500. You only need to be in business for four months. 

How to Use a Working Capital Loan for Business

Now let’s talk about the working capital and how you can use it. We have many different industries that we promote. We work with over 700 industries. I am going to talk about primarily restaurants, trucking companies, salons, any company, any business that is getting cash flow every single day or weekly, because you are going to pay this loan off either weekly or daily through ACH through your business checking account. 

Rates for Working Capital Loans

We use factor rates instead of interest rates and our typical factor rate is 1.19 to 1.31 – 1.49 If you have bad credit, our terms are four months to 24 months. Now this is working capital that can be used for anything you want with your business. 

So again, if you are making 50,000 a month with your business, last three months and you have been in business for four months, you could use that money to expand. You can use that money to get another location. You could use that money to get another tractor trailer or to for your trucking business. 

You could use that to get another salon or spa or bring in another product line or bring in another seat for a salon. whatever they’re called salon just so you can use the money to literally expand your business revenue. If you add another store, you could possibly double your income. 

Alright, so it is a no brainer for a lot of business owners. They understand what working capital is and 82% fail because you don’t have enough. But with us you can get a 100,000 working capital loan, $200,000, up to $2 million business capital between one and five days. 

Fast Working Capital Loans through Our 100+ Lenders

Now how is that possible? We have 20 in house lenders and they are all vying for your business. So they are going to look for the best rate for you. They are going to look for the best terms for you. 

These are all the top lenders in the entire industry and only one soft credit pull that we do on you, which won’t affect your credit score, is going to go to those 20 lenders. And if you don’t qualify for those 20 lenders, which is the top tier, then you are going to move down to the second tier and you are going to go through our other 80 lenders who are going to vie for your business and look for the best deal for you. 

We also have early pay off discounts up to 30% if you have great credit off of the interest and the principal. Alright, so if you pay it off early, you can always reapply and get more funds if you need it. You get a dedicated account. Manager to works with you is walking away. Again, these are unsecured no collateral revenue based working capital loans.

Business Cash Flow for Working Capital Loans

So we are looking at your cash flow. That is the most important thing. You don’t want to have more than five negative bank days in the last three months. 

Okay, that’s one problem because a lot of big a lot of businesses will come to us and say I make $30,000 a month, but last month, you know, I had COVID So I didn’t make nearly as much. Well you are not going to get approved. It has to be steady cash flow, at least the last three months, ideally, the last six months if you can. 

And if you are requesting over $100,000 in working capital, you’re going to need additional documents. You are going to have to provide your profit loss statement, your account receivable statement and your last year’s tax return. 

Those are just additional documentation to ensure that we’re not dealing with a fraudulent company, because there is a lot of fraud in the lending industry. And when you are dealing with higher business loan amounts, like $100,000 or more, we are going to need that additional documentation. 

But that keeps us clean. It keeps you clean and ensures that you get the best deal from a reputable company. We have been in business for six years. We are out of Michigan. We are a family based, business owning company so we are passionate and committed to helping you guys stay in business, because over 10 million businesses during the pandemic closed down. A lot of those were permanent. And we don’t want to ever see that happen. Again. So click the link under this article. It only takes 10 minutes to apply.

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