Trucking Loans Same Day San Antonio TX

Are you a trucking company in San Antonio that needs extremely fast working capital? We offer instant cash advances up to $5,000 and same day funding up to $25,000. Whether you need money for fuel, maintenance, or getting past a lull we can help. Here’s our Trucking Loans Same Day San Antonio TX.

Why Use Trucking Loans Same Day San Antonio TX

Texas has over 66,000 trucking companies, making it #1 in the nation and San Antonio has over 255 listings in the Yellow Pages for trucking companies. 

San Antonio is a thriving economic powerhouse and is the second largest city in Texas with over 1.5 million residents. San Antonio, along with other Texas cities are not only desperate for working capital, they are also desperate for drivers. Over 85,000 spots are awaiting fresh drivers looking to work.

The average salary of a truck driver is a modest $70k a year, however, with inflation and supply-chain issues, trucking companies are in desperate need or they will go under.

Brief Overview of Our Trucking Loans Same Day San Antonio 

We are a family-ran lending company who primarily works with small businesses. Our number one clients are truckers because many of them cannot get approved for a traditional bank loan.

In fact, I personally helped three trucking companies in the last 10 days get an instant trucking advance or our same day business loan. It feels really good to help an industry that is basically keeping America together right now and are heavily attacked from many sides.

This money can be used for anything business-related that keeps your trucking business running smoothly. My last trucking client was from San Antonio and he borrowed $17,500 and got it in less than two days.

Trucking Loans Same Day Rates and Repayment

We offer several loans, which can get you access to funds within 10 minutes to 48 hours for loans greater than $1 million. Here our the basic requirements for all three:

  1. Get up to $5,000 in 10 minutes. Must make 4 business deposits a month and be doing $3,000 a month business revenue. Personal checking account is ok. You will be redirected to this advance if you make less than $5,000, have a FICO under 550, or only have a personal checking account.
  2. Get up to $25,000 the same day. This one you need to be doing $5k per month the last 6 to 12 months and have a FICO of 550 or higher. Need a business checking account.
  3. Get up to $2 million in 48 hours. This one you need to be doing a minimum of $15,000 per month with a FICO of 500. You will need to show additional docs and prove steady revenue for at least a year.

We use one application for all our loans and it will automatically redirect you to the appropriate loan depending on the answers on your application. There is no hard credit check to find out if you qualify, and you can get funds within minutes if you qualify.

Rates are simple and based on factor rates instead of interest rates. Our factor rate range is 1.20 to 1.60. Terms vary from eight weeks all the way up to 24 months for the larger loans. Loans are paid back weekly or daily through your checking account ACH, so it is hands-off.

How to Apply for Trucking Loans Same Day San Antonio TX

If you are a trucking company in San Antonio, or anywhere in Texas we are honored to help you get the fast funding you need. Simply click the apply link below and answer a few simple questions. 

If you like the offer you get, if you qualify, simply connect your checking account and sign the contracts. Please look for any emails in your spam folder and check for a text. We have a full-time sales staff waiting to assist you. I hope this helps and best regards.