Trucking Loans for Fuel – Same Day Funding

Trucking Loans for Fuel

Today I am going to talk about trucking loans for fuel. Now recently, I’ve been talking to a lot of truckers, and they’re saying that it takes them about $1500 to $2,000 to fuel up their rigs. So the price is incredibly expensive right now. 

Trucking Loans for Fuel – Same Day Funding

So what I want to talk about is how you can get same day working capital up to $25,000 or more for your trucking company, for fuel or whatever you need to keep your rigs running. 

Trucking companies are our number one client and I’m proud to say that I helped two trucking companies last week get additional funding so they can keep their rigs on the road. 

Trucking Loans for Fuel Requirements

So I am going to talk about the requirements and if this is the right choice for you, first of all, if you have great credit, you know, 740 or higher, and you have the ability to wait a couple weeks or a couple of months, you might want to go through the banks. 

I am not saying that banks are bad. I know that they are only approving about 13% of businesses for loans right now. They can be very picky with their money. They pick the best companies with the highest revenues, the highest collaterals, and with the highest FICOs and that’s great if you can do that. 

But for the majority of trucking companies, they do not or cannot get approved for a bank loan. That’s where we come in. So our main motto is when the banks can’t, we can, something like that. I have a different version of that every day. 

But the point is that when the banks can’t help you, we will and here are the requirements. So if you’re looking for the $25,000 same day business loan, here are the requirements: you need to be in business for at least six months, you need a FICO of 550 or higher, and you need to be generating $5000 a month with your trucking business consistently, every single month for the last year. 

Now you need a business checking account. We do have an instant cash advance that you can get as well, but it’s only up to $5,000 and it’s only 25% of your revenue. So if you’re doing $5000 a month, you’re only going to be looking at $1,250. 

But, today I’m talking about the same day $25,000 business loan. So the payments to pay back, it’s weekly or daily, you can request weekly repayment, it will come out of your checking account automatically through ACH and the terms are anywhere from four weeks to 24 months. It’s dependent on the lender, and no collateral or bad credit. I mean, 550 is extremely low for the industry.

How to Use Trucking Loans with Same Day Approval

We want to help every business out there. So you can use the money to fuel up your fleet and stay on the road a little bit longer until things blow over. You can use the money for maintenance. There’s a trucker on youtube that said that the actual trucking season is only nine months. 

You’re going to be spending at least three months doing maintenance and there’s a slow season, but you can use the money to weather the slow season and the inflation. You can make a down payment on a new truck. 

Whatever the money is used for, use it wisely to keep your business going. I think I covered it all so you can use the money for the fuel to keep your trucks running until you get paid again. 

You do need to have three consistent deposits a month for your business. So if you are only getting one deposit a month, that’s not enough, you need three deposits. 

And if you want more than $100,000 we do have loans greater than $100,000. We have loans that go up to $2 million, but the monthly revenue is going to have to be two times or let’s say you want $100,000, you’re gonna need to be generating $50,000 a month with your trucking business. 

So we can lend up to two times your monthly revenue. If you want more than $100k you need to have one year’s worth of bank statements, your profit loss statement. You’re gonna have to do those three deposits a month through the trucking business. 

Now if all of this sounds great, then click the link beneath this article. It will automatically direct you to one of our programs. So if you’re doing over 15,000 a month, you will probably go to our main lender – if you are doing under $5000 a month, you are going to go to the instant cash advance provider. So it’s an automated process. You can get the funds within 10 minutes for the instant cash advance or it could take up to 48 hours if you’re looking for larger amounts above $100,000. So I hope this helps and good luck!