Trucking Loans Bad Credit in Texas

We are offering trucking loans bad credit in Texas. Now, Texas is the number one state for trucking with over 66,000 companies. So if you are a trucking company in Texas and your credit is not exactly perfect, this might be a good option for you. So read until the very end of our Bad Credit Trucking Loans in Texas review.

Trucking Loans Bad Credit in Texas

Here are the requirements and maybe you can get approved for fast working capital. So like I said, there are 66,000 companies in Texas that create 1.1 million jobs in Texas alone, with $96 billion in gross product and $69 billion in labor income. It is a thriving economy. The average salary for a truck driver is 70,000 in Texas and it is absolutely mind blowing. 

The number one city for Texas trucking is Houston, followed by Irving number two, Arlington number three and number four would be Fort Worth and number five is Dallas. 

So a lot of these cities are thriving. There is however a shortage of drivers. Around 82,000 drivers are needed in Texas right now in 2023. So even though it’s a thriving economy, there is still a driver shortage because of inflation and some supply chain issues and a lot of people want to stay home for now. 

Trucking Loans Bad Credit in Texas up to $25,000 Same Day

So we are going to talk about how you can get up to $25,000 the same day, and up to $2 million in one to three days. We also have an instant trucking advance where you can get up to $5,000 in 10 minutes, even if you don’t have a business checking account, so we’re gonna go over those requirements as well. 

Why Use Us for Texas Trucking Loans?

So who are we? We have been in business for six years, we are a family owned business. We have helped 1000s of small businesses get fast working capital so they can stay in business. Our #1 client is in fact trucking companies, and most of them are in Texas.

Trucking Loans Bad Credit in Texas Requirements

So here are the requirements. So for the instant cash advance, you have to be doing at least $3000 a month with your business, making four business deposits a month into your checking account. You can get up to $5,000 within 10 minutes with this and you only need a personal checking account. 

Our second option is same day loans up to $25,000. You need a FICO 550 or higher to be in business for six months and generate $5000 a month in revenue each month. 

Then our big loan, up to $2 million, you need to be doing at least $15,000 a month last year with your trucking business, you need a business checking account and your FICO has to be 500.

So those are the three loan options all of these except bad credit. Our highest FICO requirement is 550 our lowest is no Fico. You don’t need a FICO for the instant cash advance. It is based on your revenue and if you are making those four deposits. 

These loans and merchant cash advances are no collateral and bad credit is allowed. Our factor rates are 1.2 to 1.6. The terms are anywhere from eight weeks to 24 months depending on the loan program that you choose. 

How to Use Trucking Loans Bad Credit in Texas

So how can you use this money? A lot of trucking companies are using it for fuel right now. It is taking $1500 to $2,000 to fuel up; Two, is maintenance. Trucking companies spend at least two to three months a year doing maintenance and getting their trucks operational. 

You can use the money for advertising to acquire more customers – you could do social media, advertising using Facebook ads and whatnot. You can use the funds any way you like. 

So depending on what your answers are on the application, the application only takes five minutes. You can see if you pre qualify and you will be redirected to the right program that suits your answers. 

For instance, if you want the $25,000 loan you are going to have to be doing about $30,000-40,000 of revenue a month with your business, have a FICO of 550 or higher and be in business for six months. 

If you only have a personal checking account, you can only qualify for instant cash advance up to $5,000. On that one, we lend up to 25% of your revenue. So if you are doing $10,000 a month with your tracking business, then you could probably get up to $2,500. 

That is enough for one to two tanks of fuel, which can keep you in business a little bit longer until the fuel prices drop. Right now fuel is about $5.50 a gallon. It is extremely high still in 2023 for truckers and gig drivers. 

But you can use the money any way you want for your trucking business. So if that sounds like a good match, then click the link under this article. Again, the application will point you to the right program out of our three depending on your answers. 

So good luck, trucking companies in Texas are thriving. It is a great economy. I myself live outside of Brenham off of the 290 highway. I see truckers every single day going back and forth from Houston. It is a great economy and nothing is going to stop the trucking industry so good luck and check it out.