Spa Working Capital Same Day Funding

Spa working capital

Are you looking to expand or upgrade your spa business? Are you looking to get working capital the same day to grow your spa business? If you already make $5,000 a month with your spa and have been in business for 6 months, chances are great that you can get up to $25,000 today for spa working capital.

What is Spa Working Capital?

There are over 20,000 spas in the United States, and the global spa industry generates $120 Billion dollars annually. Spas are big business, but spas require a lot of working capital to not only stay in business but to remain competitive in a competitive space.

Spa Working Capital is an alternative financial lending product that is also called a Business Cash Advance or Merchant Cash Advance. These are short term business advances that are based on the revenue you already make with your spa. 

If you meet the simple requirements to receive the spa advance, chances are you can get 75% of your monthly revenue as an advance within the same business day. So, if you make $20,000 a month with your spa, you can typically get a $15,000 cash advance.

A Salon Merchant Cash Advance is a great alternative to big banks because banks require you to have perfect collateral and to put up collateral, whereas business cash advances only require a credit score of 450, and no collateral is needed. Plus, business advances can get you the funds you need the same day, whereas it could take weeks or months to get the loan from the bank.

Using your Business Advance for Your Spa

Using your spa working capital correctly to grow your business is crucial. As a spa owner, you know where the money is needed most. The working capital should go to things that help your business grow and generate more revenue. Here’s a list of the top 3 things to do with the advance:

One) Payroll: The most common way to use spa working capital is to get caught up on payroll. Most spas have a staff of 3 or more employees, and if they haven’t been paid lately, chances are you will lose them. 

Use the advance to not only get caught up on payroll but to hire the top talent in your area. Create a hiring bonus and use a hiring platform like Indeed or Zip Recruiter to find the best talent to work in your spa. This is an area where you should spend more money than less money. Poor quality employees can kill a business.

Two) Product & Equipment: Spas need to bring in the best product lines to entice new customers and give the best experience to clients. Trending product lines, such as Aveda, Image, and Shu uemura can cost over $1,000 to bring in.

Also, you need the latest equipment for your clients, a Crystal Microdermabrasion will cost around $2,500; a Lipo X Cavitation Skincare machine can cost $15,000; and a Microcurrent Skin Scrubber can cost $2,000. Offering various skin treatments will help the popularity of your spa.

Three) Social Media Marketing: There are over 67 million monthly users now using TikTok in the U.S., 112 users on Instagram, and 98 million users on Pinterest. You get the point. If you aren’t using social media for your spa then you are leaving a ton of money on the table.

You can hire a social media marketing specialist to help you start promoting your business online. TikTok is great for short catchy videos and you can do 10 minute “how to” videos on Youtube. Creating content can be free, but you might want to hire a social media specialist to get you started.

Working with Us for Spa Working Capital 

We are committed to helping every small business in America stay open. That is our mission and we stand behind it wholeheartedly. It takes 5 minutes to apply for up to $25,000 same day working capital.

The requirements are simple and straightforward: Must be in business for 6 months, have a credit score of 450 or higher, and make $5,000 a month. You must also have a business checking account and an EIN. It won’t affect your credit score to apply.


We wish you all the success in the world! You will be taken care of by a dedicated account manager if you decide to work with us, and you can draw funds again and again if you choose to.