Same Day Transport Logistics Business Loans

Same Day Transport Logistics Business Loans

Are you a logistics or transport company owner looking for fast working capital to keep your business running? We offer same day cash advances up to $25,000. Big banks can’t give you money this fast, but we can. Read more about our same day transport logistics business loans.

What are Same Day Transport Logistics Business Loans

There are over 500,000 trucking companies in the U.S. and over 2.5 million tractor trailers on the road. Texas has the most truck drivers with over 178,000, then it is California with 130,000 drivers, and then it is Pennsylvania with over 80,000 drivers.

Trucking is big business and is the backbone of America. With the current supply-chain problems and the shortage of drivers, trucking companies are scrambling to keep their tractors on the road.

Transport and Logistics companies are typically high-risk for big banks and only 13% of small businesses get approved for a traditional bank loan. It is almost impossible for a trucking company to get a trucking loan without having perfect credit, putting up collateral, and generating over $50k to $100k per month in revenue. But, there is a great alternative to trucking bank loans and that is same day trucking business cash advances.

How Same Day Transport Logistics Loans Work

What are business cash advances? They are part of the merchant cash advance industry which makes up a big portion of the $33 Billion a year alternative lending industry.

A merchant cash advance advances a business money upfront then withdraws the payments daily or weekly through future credit card transactions.

A business cash advance does not take future payments through the businesses’ future credit card transactions, but from their general business revenue, which is a lot easier on businesses, especially if they don’t work with credit cards much.

Unlike traditional bank loans, business cash advances are awarded based on “cash flow” of the company, rather than credit score, collateral, and a bunch of other red tape. That is why MCAs and BCAs are so popular right now.

Business cash advances are paid back daily or weekly automatically through your business checking account via ACH. The main benefit of this methods allows you to not worry about making payments manually, so you can focus on your business instead. On the downside, you must have consistent revenue coming in to pay the daily or weekly payments.

Logistics business loans or advances can be used for anything your business needs. Whether you need to replace all the tires on a couple tractors, upgrade your transportation management software, or GPS system, or create hiring bonuses to bring on more drivers – you will have fast capital to do anything you wish.

Why Apply for Same Day Transport Logistics Loans 

Transport and Logistic cash advances use factor rates instead of interest rates. The easiest way to explain this is that if you lock in a factor rate of 1.20 and borrow $10,000, that means you would pay back $12,000 in 30 days. (It’s 10,000 x 1.2) The faster you pay off the advance, the lower the factor rate. 

We offer factor rates from 1.19 to 1.40 – again this is fast money for emergencies – if you can wait weeks or months and have great credit, then a traditional bank loan could work for you. However, we fund business owners within 8 hours sometimes and the money is always greatly needed and used to keep the business running. That is what we love to do – help the small business owners of America survive.

We are a family-based company based out of Milford, Michigan. We have helped thousands of businesses get fast capital for all types of needs. We help over 700 industries and work with the top lenders to get you the best rates.

Please apply below by clicking the link. It takes a few minutes to see if you are pre-approved. You can view your terms and accept the terms to continue. You will connect your business checking account and get a dedicated account manager to help you along with the process.

Again, the requirements for our transport logistics business loans and advances are straightforward: Need to be in business at least 6 months, generate a minimum of $5,000 per month in business revenue, have a credit score of at least 450, and have a business checking account. 

Of course it helps if you don’t have too many NSFs in the bank or any other outstanding loans. I wish you all the success in the world and good luck!