Same Day Real Estate Business Cash Advance

real estate business cash advance

Real Estate is big business that generates roughly $113 Billion a year in revenue and supports over 120,000 broker agencies. However, all small businesses were hit badly last year, and real estate was not excluded. Can your real estate broker business use a same day real estate business cash advance?

What is a Same Day Real Estate Business Cash Advance?

We offer the first and only same day business funding program that allows you to get immediate funds the same day. Real estate is notorious for having unsteady business revenue. 

It can take weeks or months to close deals, and real estate can also be seasonal. Plus, most realtors have to spend money out-of-pocket to create “stagings” of new listings, which can take more from the bottom-line.

A same day real estate business cash advance is like a merchant cash advance, whereas they pay you a lump sum advance based on your future earnings. 

However, business cash advances are more favorable than MCA loans because they look at your general revenue from your business banking, rather than future credit card receipts like MCA loans do.

Benefits of a Business Cash Advance

A same day real estate business cash advance is based on your cash flow, not your credit score. If you have generated $5,000 a month or more in the last 3 months, you are in a great position to get an advance.

Big banks are not lending to the “small guys” anymore because it is too risky, especially after the pandemic. The most sensible solution is a business cash advance which does not discriminate based on credit score, how big you are, or what industry you are in. You can use the funds as you choose and you can receive the funds in your business checking account the same day. If you apply in the morning, Monday thru Friday, chances are you will have your money by 6pm Eastern Time.

How to use your Business Advance to Grow your Business

The biggest benefit of getting a real estate business cash advance is to acquire working capital to pay for operating costs during the slow times. Another benefit is to use the funds for marketing and staging of homes and properties. 

The difference between selling a property and not selling a property relies on the quality of the marketing and staging of the brokerage. Real estate is very competitive and having the working capital to stay above the competition is crucial.

Why Choose Us for Your Real Estate Business Advance

We are committed to helping small business owners because we are small business owners ourselves. Watching a business close is like watching a loved one die, in our minds. We offer same day business funding because we know closures can literally happen overnight.

We offer transparent terms, a dedicated account manager, and the ability for you to draw multiple advances. We offer up to $25,000 same day, and up to $2 Million in a week or less. You only need a 450 credit score for up to $25k and a 500 score for up to $2 million.

Our lenders base their funding decision on your cash flow, whether or not you are overdrawn or have any liens, or any NSF charges. We have an outstanding approval rating and the easiest requirements in the industry. Most banks want you to be in business for two years and have a credit score of at least a 680. We don’t do this. We work with any legitimate business in the U.S. and some in Canada as well.

Click the link below to read more about same day capital or click the notification bar at the top of this website to apply. It takes only 5 minutes to see an offer and approve it or decline it. God bless you and to the success of your business!

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