Same Day Painting Business Merchant Cash Advance

painting business merchant cash advance

Are you looking to pay up on some of your painting business bills, or looking to fund an expansion of your painting business? Having fast business funds is crucial if you want to keep your business running. Here’s the best painting business merchant cash advance to get money today for your business. 

The painting industry generates over $28 Billion a year in revenue and supports over 230,000 painting businesses. Commercial and residential painting businesses are in high demand and don’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.

What is a Painting Business Merchant Cash Advance?

If you need money fast for your business chances are you have already been denied by a bank or avoid big banks entirely. We understand why. Big banks aren’t lending anymore since the pandemic. It’s too risky for them. That’s why Same Day Merchant Cash Advances are exploding right now.

What exactly is a Merchant Cash Advance? It is basically an advance, not a loan, and is paid back with your future business revenue. Traditionally, MCA advances were paid back through the future credit card transactions of the business, but that has changed somewhat to now being paid back with future business revenue.

MCA Loans are great for businesses who don’t have perfect credit, don’t want to put up collateral, and need funds immediately. MCAs are short term advances that are usually less than a year and are paid back automatically weekly or daily through ACH through your business checking account. That is why you need an EIN and a business checking account to apply.

Using your Merchant Cash Advance to grow your Painting Business

As a business owner, you already know what you need the money for first and foremost. However, we will list 3 of the most important things that we see successful businesses investing into:

One) New Equipment: From ladders to rollers, painting equipment is expensive. You also might need to buy new tools before the job begins, which means money-out-of-pocket until the job is finished and the client pays. A painting business merchant cash advance allows you to buy everything you need to tackle the biggest jobs that take the most upfront costs to complete.

Two) New Employees: Since the pandemic, people are more leery to reenter the workforce and might require more perks to apply for your business. Think about creating hiring bonuses and incentives to attract the best talent. Indeed is a great hiring platform where you can gather the best resumes and delete the ones you don’t like. You can use a portion of your advance to hire top talent and scale up the quality of the clients you take on.

Three) Marketing: Most businesses now have a website and an online presence. It is not only important to advertise on platforms like Yelp and Google, but it’s also just as important to get reviews from customers. 

I know personally that before I hire a company or go out to eat I am checking out reviews before I call or go anywhere. Online reviews are the backbone of any business these days. You can offer discounts to new clients if they leave a 5 star review for your business.

How to Apply for Your Painting Business Advance

Getting Same day Capital for your business is crucial in keeping your doors open. Applying for a painting business merchant cash advance is quick and easy and won’t affect your credit score.

Simply fill out the form and view your offer. You can accept the terms or decline the offer. It’s up to you. Unlike big banks that watch over what you do with the loan, you can do anything you want with the money. You also can get repeated advances and get better rates the more you borrow.

We are committed to helping every painting business owner in America stay in business and that requires fast funding without all the red tape. MCAs are a great way to bypass the headaches of banks and get money in your hands as soon as 8 hours. Thanks for reading and click the apply link below and we will see you at the top of the ISO MCA game!

Erik C. Johnson

Independent DAC Agent