Same Day Landscaping Business Cash Advance

landscaping business cash advance

Are you looking to expand your landscaping business quickly, or need immediate cash to replace equipment or hire more labor? A same day landscaping business cash advance is the quickest way to get money for your business.

What is a Landscaping Business Cash Advance?

Landscaping is a booming industry, even during the lockdown, and is growing at 3% to 5% per year with over 600,000 landscapers in the U.S. A business cash advance is a short term business advance, usually a year or less, that is based on your business revenue.

A business cash advance is like a merchant cash advance in that they look at your future revenue to determine the advance. However, a business cash advance looks at your general business revenue whereas a merchant cash advance looks at future credit card receipts of your company, making a business cash advance more favorable among business owners.

Why choose a Business Cash Advance

Business cash advances are relatively a new alternative financing option that are soaring in popularity because big banks are not lending to small businesses anymore, unless they have impeccable credentials. 

Business cash advances are fast immediate cash with no collateral required, a 450 credit score, and only 6 months in business. You also only need to have made $5000 a month in the last three months, making business cash advances the go-to for small businesses.

Business cash advances use factor rates instead of interest rates. For example: if you get a $10,000 advance and pay it off in 30 days, your factor rate, with our lender, is a factor of 1.19. That means you would pay back 1.19 times the funded amount. So, 1.19 of $10,000 would be $11,900 that you pay back. Most factor rates range between 1.10 to 1.55, depending on how long it takes to pay off. The longer it takes to pay off, the higher the factor rate.

Using your Business Advance to grow your Landscaping Company

Having been a landscaper myself for over 5 years, I know the workings of a landscaping business and would determine that the first reason to use a business cash advance for your landscaping business is for more materials and pay payroll until the clients pay for previous jobs.

A lot of landscaping clients pay NET30, meaning they pay once a month or within 30 days, and if you are very business, you might not have time to wait 30 days for the client to pay, especially if you have a big job coming up. A same day business cash advance can get you the funds you need to buy the material and hire extra laborers for the big upcoming job.

Plus, landscaping equipment is always needing annual maintenance or replacement. I know that professional grade Honda mowers go for around $850 to $1300 for the walk behind, and $6300 for the Ariens 23 horsepower riding lawnmower. Landscaping equipment is very expensive. 

Why Use Us for Your Landscaping Business Cash Advance

Whether you need the funds for an upcoming job or have an emergency, we are the only lender who can get you same-day funding. That doesn’t mean 24 hours from now, that literally means in 8 hours or less if you meet the requirements. If you apply around 9am eastern time, you could easily get funded by 5 or 6 pm. No guarantees, but it is very common.

All you need to do is fill out a 5 minute, no hard credit check application, and see what you qualify for. You can view, accept or decline the offer and await the funding. You will also get your own dedicated account manager to work closely with you on getting the right deal.

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I wish you all the success in the world with your landscaping company. I know that what we offer is truly the fastest and best way to get a same day landscaping business cash advance today.

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