Same Day Funding Merchant Services

Same Day Funding Merchant Services

Are you looking for fast business capital and can’t wait for the banks? We offer same day funding up to $25,000, and up to $2 million in 3 to 5 days for business capital. Big banks cannot compete with what we offer. With our Same Day Funding Merchant Services you can apply for an advance in the morning and receive the money in the evening, Monday thru Friday. 

What is Same Day Funding Merchant Services

Same Day Merchant Services Funding is basically a business cash advance, or better known as a merchant cash advance. These are short-term business advances that allow businesses to get very quick capital for their business operations.

Business cash advances and merchant cash advances are quickly becoming popular because businesses do not need to have great credit, do not need to put up collateral, and can get the money within the same business day.

The reason business cash advances are quickly becoming a viable option as opposed to traditional bank loans is due to the hesitancy of big banks willing to lend money. Post-pandemic approval rates for big banks lending money to small businesses have tanked, with only 13% of businesses getting loans from big banks.

Using your Merchant Advance for Your Small Business

What is especially great about Same Day Funding Merchant Services is you can use the money for anything you want. Most businesses need fast capital to pay payroll, make repairs, hire more staff, and implement online marketing. If you are not online, or don’t have online reviews and are a service-based business you are greatly missing out.

What could $25,000 do for your business? Are you short-staffed or need to buy new equipment for a big job? Most businesses fail because they make consistent revenue, but don’t have any extra capital to do larger projects that can propel the business forward.

Most businesses are online and have hundreds of reviews online. Most consumers check these online reviews before patronizing them. I know I do. I use Trip Advisor before booking hotels, and Yelp before eating at a restaurant in a new town. You can use some of the same day merchant advance to hire a social media marketing agency to build you a website that can increase your customer base.

Working with Us for Your Merchant Services

We have helped thousands of businesses in over 700 industries receive same day funding when they were denied business funding from the banks, or just didn’t have the right revenue or credit history.

Our requirements for same day advances are easy and straightforward. You simply need to have been in business for 6 months, have a credit score of 450 or higher, and have a monthly revenue of $5,000 or more the last three months. That is it for requirements!

Merchant cash advances are paid back daily or weekly through ACH business checking, so you need to have a business checking account and be licensed as a sole proprietor, LLC, or Corporation. We look at the cash flow of the company, rather than their credit score or time in business. 

Merchant service funding is calculated using factor rates instead of interest rates. We offer a factor rate of 1.19 to 1.49 times the principle depending on how quickly you pay it back. 

For example, a 1.19 factor rate would mean you pay back a total of $11,900 if you borrowed $10,000 and paid it back in 30 days. You have up to a year to pay it off but get better rates the quicker you pay it off. Plus, you can receive funds over and over again as you establish a stable payment history with us.

We look forward to doing business with you! We are committed to helping every business in America survive and thrive! We are business owners ourselves and it hurts us personally when we see businesses closed forever in our neighborhoods. Click the link to apply below. It only takes a few minutes and won’t affect your credit score.