Same Day Capital for Your Cleaning Business

Same day capital for your cleaning business

Are you looking for fast capital to expand your cleaning business? Are you in need of funding today so you can get your cleaning business back on track? In this article we will review the best option to get same day capital for your cleaning business.

The cleaning industry is growing fast every year, even with the pandemic, it grows roughly 4% a year, generates $75 Billion a year in revenue, and has over 1 million employees and business owners.

Even though the cleaning industry seems unstoppable, cleaning businesses still need working capital to survive and thrive during these tough times.

What is a Cleaning Business Cash Advance?

One of the fastest growing alternative financial products for small business owners is called the Business Cash Advance, also known as a Merchant Cash Advance.

The concept of a BCA or a MCA is simple: Lend you an advance based on your future sales. With a MCA advance, the advance is paid back out of your credit card receipts; and with a BCA the funds are withdrawn through your general business checking revenue.

Business Cash Advances are favorable because some businesses don’t accept credit cards. What’s powerful about business cash advances is you can get a BCA the same day, which is why business owners are using them.

Big banks are becoming a lot more strict with the money they lend, leaving most business owners scrambling to find alternative financing. Business Cash Advances don’t discriminate. They are lent to over 700 industries, some deemed as risky to big banks, and you don’t need great credit or collateral to get one.

Using Same Day Capital to grow your Cleaning Business

There are many ways to make a cleaning business successful, but we will cover the most income-producing and effective strategies:

One) Reviews: Most people these days search for company reviews online before they hire, especially if it is for a permanent position, like weekly house cleaning. 

It is imperative to get 4 or 5 star reviews on websites, like Yelp, Google Reviews, and Trustpilot. If you can dominate these 3 platforms then people will see these before anything else. You can offer discounts to first time cleaning clients if they leave a 5 star review on one of these sites. Real 5 star reviews are worth gold to any business owner online.

Two) Top-Notch Employees: We see it everywhere, bad employees destroying a great business. If you are cheap with labor it will cheapen your brand and you will lose in the long run. 

It is vital to find the best employees and pay them a little more than the competition. We understand the importance of your bottom-line, but in the long run you will make less money, get bad reviews, and lose clients with crappy staff. Look for the best employees using a platform like Indeed and pay a little more. If most cleaning services pay their employees $12 an hour, do $15 an hour. (of course, they have a perfect resume and track record first)

Three) Marketing: Alongside online reviews, it is crucial to be seen on social media. If you have no idea how to start a Facebook business page, or Instagram page, you might want to hire a social media agency. It will be worth every penny. Some of the biggest brands also do short videos on TikTok and longer videos on YouTube. Over 5 billion videos are viewed each day on YouTube – it is free and can attract clients to your brand.

Getting Your Same Day Capital Advance

Finding the right same day capital for your cleaning business is the difference between saving your business or defaulting on crucial financial issues. 

Getting a business cash advance is simple: you need to be in business for 6 months, have a monthly revenue of $5,000, and have a credit score of 450 or higher. You shouldn’t have loans elsewhere or have too many NSFs.

If that sounds good to you, then fill out a 5 minute application below. It won’t affect your credit score:

I wish you all the success in the world! We are committed to helping every small business in America. When Big Banks say NO, we say YES to helping you find funds.