Offer Financing for Your Coaching Clients

offer financing for your coaching clients

Are you a coach who offers products or services that some people cannot afford? Would you like to increase your average ticket order by 85% and increase repeat clients? When you offer financing for your coaching clients it will dramatically improve your business.

Coaching is a billion dollar a year business with over 18,000 coaches in the U.S. And that number is just life coaches. It doesn’t include mentors, internet marketing coaches, home business coaches, social media coaches and so forth. In other words, coaching is rapidly growing and has many lucrative and life-changing benefits for the clients as well as the coaches.

In today’s internet era, people are lost in a sea of information-overload. There are thousands of ideas floating out there, and just as many distractions causing anxiety and self-doubt. On top of that, we are uncertain about our general welfare in the world and some days have no idea what is going on, leading to anxiety, depression and worse.

Life coaches and digital mentors are gaining popularity because they point us in the direction we want to go and help guide us in following their path to success, whether it be financial, physical, or spiritual.

However, coaches can be costly which limits the amount of clients and income a life coach can obtain. When you offer financing for your coaching clients, you make your programs, products, and services more accessible to the masses.

What is Coaching Customer Financing 

Coaching customer financing does just that. It breaks up your larger ticket items into affordable monthly payments for your clients, which then gives them confidence and safety knowing they have that option to purchase your full-range of coaching programs.

Research has shown that customer financing can increase your average ticket size by 85% and can improve your traffic by 20%. It also stimulates return rate and purchases of upsells and add-ons for your customer.

How to Offer Financing for Your Coaching Clients

Our customer financing is one-of-a-kind because we give you several lenders under one roof to ensure that all of your customers and clients can get approved for funding, even customers with second-chance and bad credit scores.

With our customer financing, you can begin offering your coaching clients customer financing in as little as 48 hours. We work with coaches who offer products starting from $300 and up, and services from $1,000 and up. Not all of your products or services have to be above $300, just offer financing if it exceeds that.

How Does Customer Financing Work for Coaches

Once you are set up with customer financing, your client can apply for financing on your website or on their phone. They simply answer a few questions and are given loan options based on their creditworthiness.

Once the client chooses the right loan, you as the coach receive the full amount from the lender, and the customer then enters a payment plan with the lender. There is absolutely no recourse if the client defaults on the loan. It is between them and the lender, not you.

Why Apply with Us for Coaching Customer Financing

We have been in business over 6 years and have helped thousands of businesses not only receive working capital to keep their doors open, but also customer financing and payment processing needs as well.

We are committed to helping all business owners stay open during these crazy times and customer financing is probably the quickest way you can improve your bottom line. So, click the apply link below to fill out a brief application and I hope we can help you! Increased profitability is only a few clicks away.