No FICO Needed Business Funding in as Little as 10 Minutes

No FICO Needed Business Funding

Today we are going to talk about something that you can get in literally 10 minutes for your business. No FICO required. This is something that’s been out for about six months, but hardly anyone knows about the service. It is also 100% online and automated. Here is our No FICO Needed Business Funding in as Little as 10 Minutes (2023) Review.

No FICO Needed Business Funding in as Little as 10 Minutes (2023)

So this No FICO Business Advance is available 24/7 – even on a Saturday night if you need emergency cash for your business. 

Let’s say you are an independent driver for Uber or Lyft, and you get a flat tire and you need a quick $500. You can apply for this and get the money within 10 minutes. 

Who Can Get No FICO Needed Business Funding? 

So we’re gonna go over the requirements really fast. This is something that every self employed business owner can use. Now this is not for anyone who is working a normal job.

We do not fund people that get job income, W2 income. This is for people that get a 1099 at the end of the year – you are an independent contractor. 

There are so many people that are working from home. They’re working as gig workers, you’re self employed, you’re freelancing, whatnot, you can get this money. 

Now before we get into this, I don’t want to waste your time if you’re in New York or California, this is not available in those States. 

But if you do over $5000 a month with your business and have a business checking account and a FICO over 450 you can still apply for our $25k same day business loan and it will go to our other programs that are available in New York or California. 

No FICO Needed Business Funding Requirements

So I’m going to dive into the requirements and get you the money you need very fast. So here are the requirements. We can get you up to $5,000 literally in a couple hours down to 10 minutes depending on how fast you connect your checking account so it can be analyzed by the underwriting system. 

instant business cash funding

We can approve up to 25% of your monthly revenue. So if you’re doing $5000 a month with your business, you can get up to $1,250.

Now this might not seem like a lot of money, but if you get a flat tire or your laptop breaks or your digital camera breaks down and you need it for your business, if you’re a photographer, you need your camera, then you can use this advance for anything you want to keep your business going. 

So you need a personal or a business checking account online. I use Chase. A lot of people use one of the big banks. Some of the credit unions are accepted but you have to have an online checking account. 

You have to be in business for at least six months, doing $3000 a month with your business the last three months.

Now you have to make four deposits a month into your checking account of business revenue. You can’t do this if you’re only getting two deposits a month into your checking account. 

So, if you work for DoorDash and you only get two payments a month, it’s not gonna work. You have to have four payments a month. Now if you’re a freelancer and you have 10 clients and they pay you every month, then you’ll probably easily, you know, have your four deposits. 

You can’t have more than five negative bank days in the last three months. That means negative zero balance or negative balance in the bank. 

No FICO Needed Business Funding Terms

Here’s the terms: three to six month terms. When you pay it off, you can always apply and get the funds again. It’s almost like a line of credit.

Repayment is 1.29 to 1.69. So if you received $2,000 and your factor rate is 1.7 your payback would be $2700 That’s pretty much it.

How to Apply for No FICO Needed Business Funding in as Little as 10 Minutes

This money is available 24/7 and no credit check. There is nothing on here that says you have to have a FICO all right. It’s no credit check, this is based on bank statements and it’s also no collateral. 

So if you have steady cash flow, this can be perfect for you. And like I said, any business that does not have a business checking account can qualify for this if you have a personal checking account.

You can have a trucking company and you can apply for this. If you are a contractor and only have a personal checking account or a landscaper, this is where you’re going to be pointed to with our automated application. 

Just click the link under this article and answer the four questions or five questions and it will point you to one of our three programs. If you have a personal checking account, this is the only instant cash advance that is available for everyone. 

If you make more than $5000 a month and you have a business checking account, you will be redirected to our other programs. Okay, so check it out. Thank you for reading, and God bless.



Erik C. Johnson