Juice Bar Working Capital Same Day Funding

juice bar working capital

Are you looking for fast money to keep your juice bar operating? Are you looking for working capital to expand your business? If you already generate $5,000 a month with your juice bar and have been in business for 6 months, we can certainly help you get up to $25,000 today in juice bar working capital.

What is Juice Bar Working Capital?

There are over 6,000 juice bars in the United States. The health industry was not affected as badly as other industries, but juice bars like restaurants, did feel the impact of the pandemic.

Juice bar working capital is also known as a business cash advance or merchant cash advance. These alternative financial options are gaining popularity quickly and are an $8 Billion a year industry.

The key benefits of these advances is that they are not loans but rather an advance based on your future revenue. That is why you need $5,000 a month revenue and a business checking account, because the advance will be paid back daily or weekly through ACH of your business checking account.

So, the obvious benefits of these types of advances are extremely quick funding times (less than 8 hours sometimes), no collateral needed, poor credit score ok, and over 700 industries accepted. You can use the money whatever you need it for.

Using Working Capital  for Your Juice Business

Juicing bars are capital-intensive businesses that need constant produce coming in to make the smoothies, and buying new juicers and other equipment can be costly. You also have a high turnaround rate, meaning you have to constantly hire and train new employees. 

The most important ways business owners use the advance is to catch up on payroll, buy or repair equipment, or expand the business at the same location or adding new locations. 

Another income-producing thing you can do with the advance is hire a social media marketing strategist, or if you know how to take high-quality photos on Instagram and Pinterest, then go for it! But, customers are looking to social media more each day to read reviews on the best places to get smoothies, or to check out cool pics from your juice bar.

Either way, you need to get online, and be everywhere asap, and that can cost a lot of money, but in the long run, you’ll make back your investment 10 fold by creating your brand online. However, these are just suggestions, you know exactly what you need the money for. 

Also, vegan and raw smoothie bars are exploding right now. Raw is the latest trend to hit urban America and some of the biggest celebrities are “Raw” like Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi. Raw is essentially uncooked “live” food. There is even Raw pizza made with sprouted bread and cashew cream, something to look into.

Working with Us for Juice Bar Working Capital 

Whether you need a salon merchant cash advance or spa working capital or working capital for your juice bar, we can get you same-day funding up to $25,000.

The requirements are simple and straightforward: Must be in business for six months or longer, have a credit of 450 or higher, and earn $5,000 a month in business revenue. 

There is no collateral required and no long waiting times unlike big banks. You can get the funds today to do what you need to do to keep your juice bar running.

If you decide to work with us, you will be surprised by our transparency and dedication in serving you. You will get a dedicated account manager who will help you get the funding, as well as in the future if you choose to get second or third fundings. We will always be here to help. 

APPLY TODAY  (No Hard Credit Inquiry)

We are devoted to helping every business stay open in America. We take every business closure personally because we are business owners ourselves, our parents were business owners and their grandparents were business owners. America was built on the American Dream which was business enterprise and capitalism.

We wish you all the success in the world and hope to see your juice bar thriving in the coming years.