Instant Trucking Loans

Today we are going to talk about instant trucking loans from application to funds in your account within eight minutes. So this is a new program that we have for business funding. It has been live for two weeks now and it is absolutely amazing for many borrowers in need of fast funds. 

Instant Trucking Loans

There are over a million trucking companies in America, there are over 167,000 truck drivers in Texas alone. 39,000 of those live in Houston. I live with a truck driver, so I am very aware of the trucking industry and what truckers need. 

And before this new loan program, 80% of the trucking companies got declined for our loan programs because they only had a personal checking account. Well, that has totally changed. 

Instant Trucking Loans up to $5,000 in 8 Minutes

So I am going to talk about how you can get up to $5,000 in eight minutes with just a personal checking account alone. 

So here are the requirements: you need to be doing $3000 a month with your business for the last three months; you need to be in business for three months, and then you need to be making four deposits into your checking account each month that is business income, it can’t be from a job, it can’t be W2 income. It has to be 1099 income. 

Instant Trucking Loans with No Collateral or FICO

If you have those requirements, great! Here are the next steps. So there is no collateral and there is no credit check for these instant business loans with personal checking. So that is very good for applicants. 

All you have to do is fill out the application and it will redirect you to where your answers place you. We have three loan programs right now and you might not qualify for that one. 

You might have better requirements, but I am saying that if you do need money, it is available to you 24/7. If you have a personal checking account, you can apply tonight or after hours. 

Instant Trucking Loans 24/7/365

Because here is the thing: when the banks are closed, you typically cannot get money. But with this platform, it is automated so you can get funds 24/7. So Friday night, Saturday night, Sunday, you can get up to $5,000 anytime you need the money if you have an emergency or whatever you need the money for. 

So you are going to fill out the application. Here is the other thing. If you do have a business checking account and you are doing over $5000 a month, the last six months, then you can get up to $25,000 the same day. 

Now this is something that is only during the weekdays, and we even have funding up to $2 million. You have to be doing $15,000 a month with your business with a business checking account. 

So we do have different loans, but we have one application – so even if you don’t know what you qualify for, just fill out the application and it will redirect you to the right loan program. 

Instant Trucking Loans Terms and Rates

But I am going to just talk about instant loans right now. So here are the payback amounts and the interest rates. So these are 8 to 10 week terms. After that you can reapply and get additional funding so it is almost like a business line of credit. 

You have up to 16 weeks on your second loan or more. So the first loan is eight to 10 weeks and then if you draw more money, then you have up to 16 weeks with better rates. So we give you better rates with your payment history. Okay, and you can pay it off early. 

The factory rates are 1.20 to 1.60. So you want to pay it off as soon as possible. These are emergency cash advances guys. If you have perfect credit, then you could go to the bank and wait weeks or months to get declined. 

I mean, banks are only approving 13% of business loans right now. And you have to have collateral, perfect credit and high revenues. So we are helping people that are in a crunch that need fast working capital, and these are the fastest programs online. So those are the interest rates actually. 

Then we have terms up to two years. So if you get the larger amounts from us then you have up to two years to pay that back. So I believe that is it. We have three loan programs. Most of them can be funded the same day. 

Instant Trucking Loans Requirements for Faster Funding

It is ideal if you are going after the larger amounts that you have three months of bank statements ready. Usually for trucking companies we want to see a year of steady income. So we don’t want to see you have more than five negative bank days in the last three months. So definitely take that into consideration. 

I hope that this helps. It is the fastest money online that I have ever seen. I mean in the past – maybe four hours to funding. Now we have this new program where you can get funding in eight minutes. So if you are a trucking company and in need of fast working capital, something broke on you or you have to expand or hire more drivers and you need to create a hiring bonus, whatever you need the money for, you can now know that you can get up to $5,000 24/7, so click the link, and best wishes.

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