Instant Trucking Business Loans Odessa, TX

If you are looking for fast business funding for your trucking business in Odessa, Texas then read on. We offer several loan programs perfect for trucking companies or any business that cannot wait for the banks or have bad credit or no credit. We can get you funds in as little as 8 minutes and loan amounts up to $2 million in 48 hours. Here’s Instant Trucking Business Loans Odessa, TX.

Instant Trucking Business Loans Odessa, TX

We are a family-based lender who have helped thousands of small businesses stay open in America since 2015. We have helped secure $100 million in funding since then as of 2023. 

We work with over 80 lenders, (17 are in-house), that compete basically against each other to get you the best loan rates as possible and the highest amount possible.

Why Use a Instant Trucking Business Loans Odessa, TX

Odessa is quickly becoming a trucking hub for the entire nation. It is ranked #4 in the nation as a place to live for truckers and has become a thriving hub for international trade between Mexico and the USA. Mexico has now overtaken China and Canada as the nation’s largest importers.

Odessa trucking is right up there with larger cities like Houston and Dallas, Fort Worth Trucking primarily because of the resurgence of oil drilling. Currently, there are 79 jobs available for oilfield truck drivers in Odessa alone.

Our instant business loans are great for any trucking company that needs extremely fast working capital for emergencies, or because they don’t have a business checking account, have bad or no credit, or don’t want the red tape with big bank loans.

Brief Overview of Our Trucking Business Loans in Odessa, TX

We offer trucking companies in Odessa with three business advance and capital programs:

  1. We offer an 8 minute business advance up to $5,000. This is great if you only have a personal checking account, or have a low FICO under 500. You need $3k monthly revenue in the last 3 months and make at least 4 business deposits into your checking each month. We lend up to 25% of your monthly revenue. So, if you do $5,000 per month in revenue, you can get up to $1,250 in 8 minutes.
  2. We offer a same-day business advance up to $25,000. Must be in business six months, have 550 FICO or higher, and be doing $5,000 a month for the last three months with your business. (With trucking companies you might need to show a year of solid revenue and have a FICO of 600.) You need a business checking account for this one.
  3. We offer $25,000 up to $2 Million in business capital in 24 to 48 hours. You need a FICO of 500 or higher, 4 months in business, and doing at least $15,000 per month revenue. Business checking account only.

Don’t worry about which program to use. We have the best automated application online and will redirect you to the best program based on your answers on the application.

Instant Trucking Business Loan Rates and Repayment

Most of our programs are business cash advances, meaning we loan you the money based on your future revenue. We mostly look at your cash flow and bank activity rather than your FICO score or putting up collateral.

We use ACH withdrawals for repayment on a daily or weekly basis – so it comes out of your banking account automatically. 

Terms are 8 weeks all the way up to 2 years depending on the size of the loan and FICO score. You can get better rates and longer repayment on additional renewals of loans – second, third loan etc.

Factor rates are what we use instead of interest rates and the common range is 1.20 to 1.60. There is no penalty to pay off the loan or advance early and you can get great discounts paying off early or reapplying for additional loans.

How to Apply for Instant Trucking Business Loans Odessa, Texas

We hope that you have found our services useful and want to help you as much as we can. If you are ready to apply, simply click the link under here and you will be directed to a questionnaire. Depending on your answers, you will be directed to the best loan available to you, whether you need $500 or $2 million. I wish you the best of luck finding funding.