Instant Trucking Business Loans Houston

If you are a trucking company in Houston and are looking for extremely fast working capital, we can help. We have been in the business of lending to small business owners since 2015 and have helped thousands of businesses get the funding they need to expand, repair equipment, hire, or weather the slow months.

Who We Are and Why Instant Trucking Business Loans Houston

We are a family-owned lender who have access to over 80 lenders to get you the fastest money online. We offer you the best possible solution and our lenders compete for your business, which gives you the best rates.

When you apply through us, your application is reviewed by all possible lenders without putting several hard credit pulls on your credit report. One soft credit pull will get you access to several lenders.

We offer several business capital and business advances ranging from $500 all the way up to $2 Million dollars. We can get you an instant business advance from $500 to $5,000 in just eight minutes – or we can get you up to $2 Million in 1 to 3 days.

No one else online can get you instant funding with no FICO needed, and only three months in business, and only having a personal checking account. Every other lender out there needs you to have a business checking account – that is where we differ.

Why Use an Instant Trucking Business Loan in Houston, TX

Trucking is big business in Houston. In fact, Houston has the most truck drivers out of any other city in America. With over 39,000 truck drivers alone and hundreds if not thousands of trucking companies in Houston – Trucking businesses need fast working capital to keep their rigs on the road.

However, most trucking companies get denied loans from the banks because they use personal checking accounts for their business rather than business checking. We have solved 80% of declines in the lending space because of our new instant trucking business loans Houston.

Brief Overview of Our Trucking Business Loans in Houston

We offer three funding programs:

  • We offer an instant business loan – receive up to $5,000 in eight minutes. Available also on weekends and afterhours and is fully automated. Need to be doing $3,000 a month business revenue in the last three months, and making four non W2 deposits per month.
  • We offer same-day business loans up to $25,000. Need to have six months in business, a 550 FICO, and doing $5,000 per month business revenue. You also need a business checking account for this one.
  • We offer $25,000 to $2 Million in 1 to 3 days. Need four months in business, 500 FICO, and doing at least $15,000 per month with your business. You also need a business checking account.

If you only have a personal checking account, make less than $5,000 per month, or have a FICO under 500, then our instant business loan is all you can apply for.

We use one application for our loan programs and it will direct you automatically to the loan you pre-qualify for based on your answers on the application.

Instant Trucking Business Loan Rates and Repayment

We use factor rates instead of interest rates. The factor rate range is from 1.29 to 1.60. Terms range from 8 weeks all the way up to two years, depending on the program you use.

Most of our programs offer daily or weekly repayment automatically through ACH through your banking account.

We can lend you anywhere from 25% of your monthly revenue (with the instant business loan) all the way up to 2 times your monthly revenue with the larger loans.

You can use these funds immediately for anything business related. There are no collateral requirements and bad or no credit is accepted.

How to Apply for Instant Trucking Business Loans in Houston, Texas

We are proud to have one of the fastest, easiest, and most seamless application processes online. One application will get you to the program you pre-qualify for.

You can have up to $5,000 in 8 minutes, from application to funding! So, if you are having an emergency over the weekend, now you can get the money you need, instead of waiting for the banks to open Monday.

Just apply and you will find what you need – in the fastest period of time. Thanks for reading and God Bless!



Erik C. Johnson

business loan broker