Instant Small Business Loan Hack No One is Talking About

instant small business loan

I am going to talk about an instant small business loan hack that no one is talking about. Alright, so I am going to give you the exact requirements where you can get $25,000 up to $2 million the same day for your business. 

Instant Small Business Loan Hack No One is Talking About

These are unsecured business cash advances, you can have bad credit, you can have very little credit. You don’t have to put up any property to get these loans and you can get it super fast. 

So I’m going to talk about the requirements. First of all, my name is Erik Johnson. I am a business funding specialist. I help businesses get fast working capital so they can stay in business. So share this around to all your small business owners because not many people know about this option. 

Instant Small Business Loan Requirements

Here are the requirements for up to $2 million. Now, we only need a 500 FICO alright, which is unheard of. Banks usually want you to have a 700 FICO or higher. 

The next thing is you only need to be in business for four months. That is also incredible. Never seen anything like it. Normally you need one to two years or more if you go through the traditional banking route. Lastly, you only need four months of business. 

The main thing that we are looking for is your cash flow. So if you are already making $15,000 a month with your business and you’ve only been in business for four months, that is okay, we can work with you and get you up to two times your monthly revenue. 

But here’s the update that I really want to talk about. This is mind blowing. So normally we needed you to have $20,000 a month business revenue, and if you look at bank loans they want you to have like $100,000 a month business revenue.

We have just lowered that $5,000. So now, your business revenue only has to be $15,000 a month, the last three months. 

Instant Small Business Funding Amounts

So I am going to talk about the requirements real quick again. So if you want to get this money super fast, I have heard of people getting $300,000 in three hours. 

So this is how you do it. You apply early Monday through Friday. All right, ideally 8am or 9am when the bank opens. Okay, you are going to have three months of bank statements ready. 

You are going to have a voided business check. And you are going to have your driver’s license. If you need more than $100,000. 

You are gonna want your profit loss statement available as well and your accounts receivable and you are going to need to have your last year’s tax return for your business. 

You’re going to have to have a business checking account and no more than five negative bank days in the last three months. All right, we are looking for steady cash flow. 

Business Cash Flow Requirements for Instant Business Loans

Now if your business is pulling in money daily or weekly, that is fine, but if you are just getting a lump sum once a month, that is not going to fly. 

What else isn’t gonna fly is if you have other outstanding business loans. We can still lend to you but it will probably be the difference from what you have already out there. 

So originally if you wanted $50,000, but you have a $20,000 business loan already out there. We might only give you $30,000. All right. 

Who Can Apply for Instant Small Business Loans

So who is getting these types of loans? Trucking companies are number one. Alright, there are over a million trucking companies in America. There are over 170,000 employees in Texas alone working for trucking companies. 

Number two auto body repair shops. There are over 8000 auto repair shops in California alone, 5000 in Texas and like 3000 in Florida. 

There are over 30 million small businesses in America and at some point some of them are going to need fast working capital to fix broken equipment or buy new equipment or hire new people or expand their business.

We can give you up to $2 million with only 500 FICO, four months in business, and now with a new monthly revenue requirement of $15,000 a month. 

So click the link under this video or under this article wherever you see it and fill out the five minute application. You will get a dedicated account manager.

If you do not receive an email check your spam folder. If you are applying with your phone and you are using VPN, you might get a duplicate message. Go into your spam or look in your text for the first link you got and you can access your account from there. 

I think that is it. Over 700 industries served, high risk industries with bad credit, with little credit no collateral unsecured. These are fast business cash advances. These are not really traditional loans. They are cash, they are based on your cash revenue. 

It is phenomenal and not many people know about this. This is as close as you can get to instant small business loans. Apply below and good luck with your financials.