Instant Cash Advance for Gig Workers

Today we are going to talk about instant cash advances for gig workers. Now, what is a gig worker? For one, a gig worker can be an independent contractor. There are over 53 million independent contractors in America, and there are over 59 million freelancers in America. Today we are going to cover how you can get up to $5,000 for your gig business in 10 minutes or less.

Instant Cash Advance for Gig Workers

Now, what exactly is a gig worker or freelancer? Well, you know about Fiverr, so there are people on Fiverr or any of these other platforms that will do work for you. And at the end of the year, they get a 1099, so they are working for themselves, but they have clients and customers, and at the end of the year, they file a 1099 instead of a W2 from a job. Many of them are even paying for their own digital marketing tools and software.

So this is a thriving economy and it’s growing every single day. More and more people are coming home and working from home for themselves, anything from digital marketing to writing – all the writers on Upwork and all those writing platforms, they are all independent contractors if they make over $600 a year and file a 1099.

So we help those types of workers, the gig worker, the freelancer, the 1099 worker, we help them get up to $5,000 in 10 minutes if they need this money to expand their business, if their Uber driver or DoorDash driver – that is the other thing. 

Instant Cash Advance for Drivers

This covers independent drivers in America as well. DoorDash has over 20 million monthly customers and over 2 million carriers. Instacart same thing. Uber has a million drivers in America – so this is something more and more people are doing and getting a 1099 instead of a W2. 

So we can help you get up to $5,000 literally in 10 minutes because this is an automated Instant Cash Advance program. It is the only one online – I have done my research. The quickest ones I have seen besides this one is maybe two to four hours to get money. This one is truly instant.

Instant Cash Advance for Gig Workers Requirements

So, what you do is you fill out the five minute application and if you do qualify, then you will get a pre-approval amount and you can decline it or approve it depending on if you feel like that is enough for you. 

Okay, and they base it on your monthly income. So if your checking account looks good, it is healthy. it doesn’t have more than three negative days in a month. 

And here is the thing, you only need a personal checking account to qualify for this instant advance. Whereas in the past 80% of our clients got declined because they didn’t have a business checking account. Now you can get this money even if you have a personal checking account. 

So here are the requirements really fast. You have to be in business for at least three months, doing at least $3000 a month with your business. Okay, this can’t be from any income from a job. It has to be all 1099 income. Then you have to make four deposits into your bank every single month from your business – only business income counts. 

Instant Cash Advance Bank Deposits

So, if you work for Fiverr or any other gig platform, you could be a videographer, you could be a musician, a DJ; you can own your own music studio – if you have four clients paying you every single month then you can qualify for this. 

If you work for Uber, and they only pay twice a month, you are not going to get the money you have to work for enough companies to get those four deposits or more. 

The other thing is you can’t have too many outstanding loans elsewhere or have committed fraud with any type of lender in the past, okay, that is just, you are out if you have done that. So let’s talk about the payback. 

Instant Cash Advance Payback

So the payback is on a weekly basis. So it will come out of your checking account that you used to apply for this loan through ACH. So it is automated. It is going to come out of your checking, and the terms are eight to 10 weeks and if this is your second or third funding then you have up to 16 weeks to pay it back. 

The factor rates we use are factor rates instead of interest rates. The factor rate is a common metric that merchant cash advances use. This isn’t technically a merchant cash advance, as we do not base our decision on your future credit card transactions. We just base it on your general business revenue. 

So it is more of a business cash advance but the factor rate is 1.20 to 1.60. So yes, the last requirement is that we do not offer this in New York or California at this time. 

So if you are working for yourself it is such a beautiful industry because for one you are working for yourself because I haven’t worked for an employer since 2016. I am an independent contractor. 

Instant Cash Advance for Gig Workers for Network Marketers

The other types of the other industry that this covers are network marketers and home-based entrepreneurs. If you make more than $3000 a month with your network marketing company, and you are getting more than four payments every month, then you can qualify for this. 

How to Use Instant Cash Advances to Grow Bottom-Line

You can use this money for anything business related. If you are an Uber or DoorDash driver and you have a flat tire, and you don’t have an extra $500 laying around, you can get this working capital anytime you want. In fact, this money is available 24/7 365 days a year, because it is 100% online and it is 100% automated. 

If you like the pre approval amount that they give you, because you qualify, and you accept it. Then you are going to connect your bank account to the platform using Plaid, which is a very secure platform. I had to use it to connect my bank to a real estate investing program that is very huge. So it is completely legit. That is how you get money instantly. Everything is automated for borrowers. 

Gig Workers is Thriving

So back to the gig workers, this industry is growing. In fact, two months ago, more than 7 million people quit their job and came home in just one month. So this is a thriving economy. People are working for themselves. 

I truly believe that corporations are going to be no longer and it is going to go back into small tribal communities and everyone is going to work for themselves, and we are going to support each other in this gig economy. 

More and more people are doing it because they are fed up and don’t want to work for any employer. They don’t want to work for any corporation that might have some influence in your life. Their influence is overreaching and people are picking up on it more than ever and they don’t want to contribute to that. 

So it has gotten political and a lot of people aren’t playing anymore. So the best way to come home is to do gig work. You can work as a freelancer, you can work on Upwork if you are a writer, you can become a writer on Upwork. I used Upwork for years. 

So it is a thriving community and we help all of them with up to $5,000 if you need it, like if you have an emergency Saturday night we can help you – if you have an emergency on Sunday morning. If you are a restaurant owner and you have a deep fryer that breaks down on a busy Saturday night you could get this money in 10 minutes and go down to the industrial Restaurant Supply and pick up a new fryer. 

If you are a landscaper and your mower breaks down on a Saturday morning. You could go and get, at least rent and then your mower for the day until your new mower ships out to you. 

Instant Cash Advance for Advertising

You can also use this money creatively. If you are a network marketer, you can use this money to advertise your business, your products and your services, on Facebook, TikTok has advertising capabilities, they all have advertising capabilities. 

You could do Google ads. You could do Bing ads, you could run ads on Craigslist. There are so many different places that you can advertise and if you want to learn TikTok or another social media platform or how to do videos, you might need $300 to join a video course using teachable, you know, or Udemy. So you can use the money for that to expand your business. So I will leave the link under this article. Thank you for reading and good luck to you.