Instant Cash Advance for Drivers

Today we’re going to talk about instant cash advances for drivers. Now the independent driver economy is skyrocketing. There’s over 2 million DoorDash drivers, 1.4 million Lyft drivers and 1 million Uber drivers. Now predominantly they’re male, but females are picking up a lot of these jobs as well. Many drivers have more than one company because they have to pay their rent. Inflation is skyrocketing, their supply chain issues and whatnot. So if you’re looking for fast working capital, up to $5,000, within 10 minutes, because this is an automated application and loan process, then this is the article to read. 

Instant Cash Advance for Drivers Review

So here are the details. So if you’re an independent driver, and let’s say you’re making $3,000 a month with your business, your an independent contractor, you get a 1099 at the end of the year, then you can qualify for this loan. 

Instant Cash Advance for Drivers Requirements

The requirements are $3000 or more per month with your business. This has to be business revenue, it can’t come from a job and it can’t come from other bank accounts transferring money. 

The other requirement is you have to be in business for yourself for at least three months. It’s okay if you have a personal checking account. Many people that apply and have been declined in the past did not have a business checking account. Well, we solved that problem. You can now get one of these loans up to $5,000 with a personal checking account, which is unheard of in the lending space. 

The other requirement is that you need to make four deposits in your checking account each month from your business. Okay, that has to be 1099 income. This is not in New York or California at this time, unfortunately. 

But if you need working capital, let’s say that you get a flat tire on a Friday night. You can get up to $5,000 with this in 10 minutes. 

How to Apply for Instant Cash Advance for Drivers

So what you do is you apply it takes five minutes, there’s no collateral needed, and there’s no FICO needed. We’re basically looking at the revenue and your checking account. 

So the healthier your checking account is the better and all you have to do after you see your pre pre approval amount is connect to your bank account with a service called Plaid, which is a very legitimate platform connector.

I had to use it for a real estate investment platform myself and it works great. That is how you get the money within 10 minutes. 

So if you’re an independent driver and you’re looking for fast working capital, and the banks can’t lend to you, we can have a personal checking account only doing $3000 per month or more with your business and making those four deposits and being in business for only three months. 

So these are the  most lenient requirements. This is basically a business cash advance. That’s why we’re looking at the health of your checking account, and we’re looking at your revenue. 

Do you have any negative days in your bank? Are you getting four deposits or more into your checking account? That is what really matters or do you have any outstanding loans elsewhere? Have you done any fraudulent behavior in the past, obviously, those things matter, and you can get declined just from that. So watch out for that. 

How Independent Drivers Can Use the Instant Cash Advance 

But how can you use the money? Like I said it could be for emergencies and it could be for expanding your business. Our top clients are not just drivers but salons, trucking companies, restaurants, any business that only has a personal checking account, or has a FICO lower than 500. We can help you. Whereas in the past you had to do over 5000 a month and have a FICO over 550 And you know a lot of people we’re not getting approved. 

So these new advances are really changing the game. There is no other loan out there that can give you funds in eight minutes from application to funding eight minutes. That’s unheard of. So if you’re interested in this, click the link under this article. 

These instant advances are for anyone who is self employed or an independent contractor. There’s over 53 million independent contractors in America and it’s just growing more and more. 

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Instant Cash Advance for Drivers Terms

So one last thing, the terms are 8 to 10 weeks, and if you get additional funding you have up to 16 weeks to pay this off. It comes out automatically through ACH into your checking account on a weekly basis. So you don’t have to go to the bank and pay this comes out automatically through your checking account the same one that you applied with. 

So if that sounds like something you want, then click the link under this article. If you do more than 5000 a month and your FICO is 550 or higher and you have a business checking account don’t worry, you can still use the same application and it will automatically redirect you to the right loan program. 

We have three funding options right now. So you’re not out of luck if it’s for the independent driver loan, but go ahead and fill out the application. It’s not going to affect your credit score, and you can see the pre approved amount if you do qualify. And if you like it, you can accept it. If you don’t like it, then you can move on. It’s as simple as not seeing anything else. This is fast. So if you want an independent contractor driver loan, then click the link and good luck to you and God bless.



Erik C. Johnson