We just launched a new program, Instant business loans for Independent contractors and self-employed. Now you can get funds around the clock. It can be Saturday at midnight, it can be Sunday morning. The banks do not have to be open. This is a completely automated business advance where you can get up to $5,000 in 8 minutes from application to funds in your account. Here is our review on how to get an instant business loan.

Instant Business Loans

Our new program is the fastest business loan online that I have ever seen, and I have been doing lending for two years now and haven’t seen anything like it. 

So I am really excited to share this opportunity and to help any small business owner or any self employed or a gig worker get fast working capital. 

Now this loan is basically geared towards the self-employed, or to the gig worker, or the independent driver who drives for Uber or DoorDash – Or any type of delivery where they pay you a 1099.

So this has to be 1099 income, but so many people can apply for this. In fact, 80% of the people that were declined in the past because they didn’t have a business checking account can now get this loan because you only need a personal checking account. 

Instant Business Loans Requirements

So here are the requirements: You need to be doing at least $3000 a month with your business. It has to be business revenue. None of it can come from a job, it can’t be W2 income, and they can’t be transferring money from one bank account to another. It has to be proven revenue. You also have to make four deposits a month into your checking account from your business. Now that is pretty easy to follow for most businesses and gig workers. 

The next thing is you have to be in business for at least three months. That is a no brainer, and that is pretty much it. The rest of it is pretty self-explanatory. 

How Much Can You Borrow with Instant Business Loans?

We can loan up to 25% of your monthly revenue. So if you are doing $5,000 a month with your business you can probably get up to $1,250. If you are earning $10,000 a month with your business then you can probably get up to $2,500.

How Fast Are Instant Business Loans to Get Cash?

Now this money is pretty instant. So if something breaks down, this is great for salons that need a new product or you know someone didn’t show up and you got to hire someone new; this is great for restaurants if you only use a personal checking account for their business and the fryer broke down or you know there’s always stuff breaking in the restaurants. 

I did restaurant work for 20 years. I know that restaurants are always needing money at the most inopportune time, usually on the weekends when it is crazy busy and there is a line out the door – a deep fryer breaks or a grill breaks. 

You can use this money for anything you want for your business. All right, it is also perfect for trucking companies who only have a personal checking account for their business. They don’t have a business checking account. 

80% of these clients that used to get unapproved are now approved because of this new program. DoorDash drivers – there’s over two million DoorDash drivers in America. There are 700,000 Uber drivers in 2023. 

So this is a new type of loan for the gig worker, and there are probably 3-5 million independent drivers in America. The food delivery industry is skyrocketing, and the meal kits are skyrocketing. more and more things are being delivered to our door. So they need more independent contractors delivering these items and this working capital is perfect for those people. 

Instant Business Loans Rates

Now here is the repayment and the rates. So we use factor rates instead of interest rates. So our factor rate range is 1.20 to 1.60. This is because you do not need a FICO score. You do not need collateral. These are not going to be perfect, like bank loans. You have to have perfect credit for a bank loan. And are only approving 13% of businesses anyways. 

So most of the businesses and self-employed are out of luck if they need fast working capital because something broke down or they want to expand quickly; or they want to buy a new truck. They want to do advertising on social media. They need some money to run some ads to get the word out about their salon or their restaurant. Alright, so the money is instant. 

Now, here are the terms: it is eight to 10 weeks, and if you are getting additional funding, meaning your second advance or third, then you have up to 16 weeks to pay it back. It comes out automatically through ACH through your checking account that you use for this funding. So it will come out automatically every single week. There are no hidden fees, no collateral, and no FICO is needed. 

So if you are watching this and you need funds like yesterday, then click the link under this article and fill out that five minute application and see if you are approved. You can see your pre approval amount and you can accept it or decline it. It is your choice. It is not a hard credit check. It is not going to affect your credit. Just see if you can qualify. 

Other Funding Options

Now, if you are earning more than $3000 a month with your business, and you have a business checking account, we do have other funding programs and this application will point you to those programs. 

If you need fast money like yesterday, then this is for people that only have a personal checking account. Their FICO is below 500 and they are generating less than $5000 a month but if you are doing anything above those parameters, then you will automatically be redirected to our other programs where you can get up to $2 million. 

So if you are looking for this instant, then those are the requirements. If you have a couple of days where you can wait and you need more money, then fill out the application anyways. It is an automated application that will redirect you to the right program, depending on your answers on the application. So I wish you all the success in the world. And these are the only instant Business Loans I know of so good luck and good luck with future finances.

Instant loan not available in California or New York at this time. Our other programs are available.