Fast Cash for Truckers

Are you a trucking owner looking for fast cash to keep your tractors operating? Or, you need the money to fund another aspect of your business and can’t wait for a bank loan? We offer the fastest working capital for trucking companies in America. We have several loan and advance programs ranging from $500 in 10 minutes to $2 million in 3 to 5 days. Read more about Fast Cash for Truckers below.

About Fast Cash for Truckers

Our number one client for working capital are the trucking companies. We have helped hundreds of trucking businesses stay in business since 2015. We are a family-owned business out of Michigan and work with over 80 lenders to find you the best loan/advance options.

Our loans for trucking are no collateral and bad credit ok. We help the 86% of businesses who are unable to get a bank loan because of low credit score, or for the many other reasons banks don’t lend to the trucking industry. We make it easy and fast to get you the funds you need in less than 3 days down to 10 minutes for our instant business advance.

Why Use Fast Cash for Truckers

Trucking companies are under attack. Whether it be ridiculous fuel prices or the so-called supply-chain issues, trucking is hanging on by their teeth. However, the trucking industry is resilient and is the backbone of America. It would be suicide for any legislation to undermine the trucking industry period.

We offer three main loan/advance programs for truckers:

The fastest loan option we have is called an Instant Cash Advance for Trucking. This program will advance you up to $5,000 for your business, even if you only use a personal checking account for your business. 

This fast cash for truckers is available online 24 hours a day. The process is completely automated, from application to getting funds in your bank, that’s how we offer you the fastest money online.

This business cash advance is perfect if you have a FICO under 450, only have a personal checking account for your business, and/or make between $3,000 to $5,000 per month with your business. 

Don’t worry which program you qualify for – our application will automatically redirect you to the right program depending on your revenue, FICO, etc. (Apply Now if you don’t want to read the rest). We can lend you up to 25% of your monthly revenue for this program.

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Same Day Business Advance up to $25,000

Moving on, our most popular loan/advance program is our same day up to $25,000 business cash advance. This loan requires a minimum FICO of 450 or higher, at least six months in business, and doing at least $5,000 per month with your business the last three months.

Since trucking is considered a high-risk industry, we might ask you to provide steady income of at least $5,000 per month for the last year, and not have more than five NSF days in the bank within the last 90 days. We can offer up to 75% of your monthly revenue for this program.

Our last loan program is up to $2 million in three to five days. This loan/advance requires at least four months in business, FICO of 500 or higher, and a monthly revenue of $15,000 per month or more. 

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Business Capital up to $2 Million in 3 to 5 days

We can lend up to two times your monthly revenue, so if you are doing $25,000 per month with your business, you could get up to $50,000 if you meet all the requirements. If you need more than $100,000 we might ask for your last year’s tax return and your annual profit/loss statement.

What Kind of Credit is Needed for a Trucking Loan

We offer the lowest FICO requirements in the industry. Our range, as you can see above, is from 450 to 500. Normally, banks won’t even look at your application unless you have a FICO of 740 or higher. That’s why our motto is “When your bank can’t help, we can.”

The capital we provide to your business is based on your business revenue, not your FICO or how much collateral you can put up. That’s why we are proud to offer this service to the millions of small businesses who cannot go the traditional bank route. 

Trucking Business Advance Loan Rates & Terms

Our terms are typically 3 to 24 months depending on the program you use and how your business revenue and FICO look. Our rates are factor rates ranging from 1.19 to 1.69. So, if you borrow $10,000 and your factor rate is 1.30, you would pay back a total of $13,000, for example.

How to Expedite Fast Cash for Truckers

The fastest way to receive fast cash for trucking is to have your driver’s license, a voided business check (not for instant cash advance), and last three months to twelve months of bank statements ready to upload.

Applying early in the morning is better than afternoon, and Monday through Friday works best before noon. If you have everything ready you can potentially get the funds before closing the same day (up to $25,000).

Our instant cash advance is not available in New York or California at this time – and larger loans are not in New Jersey.

How to Apply for Fast Cash for Truckers

Applying for fast cash for truckers only takes 5 minutes and won’t affect your credit score. If you pre-qualify, you will see the amount that you can potentially get. There might be a counter-offer of the amount you are asking for after the final underwriting stage. I hope this helps you and we wish you all the success for finding financial freedom.