Customer Finance Options

Are you a business owner who offers a product or service and wants to increase your bottom-line? Do you want to improve your ticket sales by 85%? Offering customer financing can solve many problems that customers face when viewing your offer. Here’s how customer finance options can propel your business and bring back more repeat customers.

What is Customer Finance Options

The number one reason businesses fail is not having enough capital. Are you losing money by not making your larger purchases more accessible to your clients and customers? 

Offering customer financing allows almost everyone to buy the larger purchases from you because it allows them to get financing to make monthly payments on your larger ticket items.

The benefits of financing are all-encompassing to your bottom-line and will usually be the difference between surviving and thriving or shrinking and dying. Here are a few benefits that might impress you:

One) Paypal increased its sales by 32% by allowing incremental payments for store purchases by creating “Bill Me Later”. 

Many more “Buy Now, Pay Later” services, also known as BNPL sites, quickly sprang up after Bill Me Later, including Klarna, AfterPay, and Zip Pay. 

Incremental payments are not new, however new online apps and BNPL sites are exploding in sales and expanding the customer base, thus making the average consumer a buying machine!

Two) Customer Financing allows the average consumer to buy larger ticket items and has been shown to increase ticket size by 85%. Since the larger ticket price has been broken down from one payment of $3000, for example, breaking it down to $27 per month instead of $3000, gives the consumer confidence to add more products or services to their cart.

Three) Customer Finance Options allow your customer base to grow. Word will spread quickly to people who are interested in what you offer, but typically can’t afford the full price upfront. 

Plus, you build trust and repeat business with your customer base because of the ease the buying experience had become since they could pay for the purchase in increments.

How Does Customer Financing Work?

Your customer will be able to apply on their phone and you will also see their order status in your merchant management dashboard. They will typically see several loan options to choose from which have been offered based on their credit score.

Then, the customer selects the loan they are happy with and signs the online agreement, you then get paid in full and the customer begins the payment process with the lender. There is no recourse to you if the customer defaults on the loan.

Why Use Us for Customer Finance Options

Choosing us for your customer financing is a seamless, exciting experience knowing that you can get your customer financing up and running in 48 hours and begin increasing your profitability.

We work with a wide range of lenders which allows you to get more customers approved for financing. Some of the businesses we work with are retail stores, auto shops, salons and spas, home improvement, contractors, plumbers and electricians, heating and cooling services, etc. 

We work with just about any business that offers a product or service in the range of $300 to $100,000. It’s okay if you have products under $300 – you can simply offer them an option to finance if the order exceeds $300.

You can also rest assured that there is no recourse or clawbacks if your customer defaults on a loan payment. It is between the lender and your customer. We also work with several programs for bad credit or second chance credit customers, which can improve the approval rates significantly for your customers.

We are committed to giving you the best customer financing experience on the planet because we are business owners ourselves. Simply click the apply here below to fill out the form for financial assistance.

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