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Welcome to Same Day Working Capital. Owner, Erik Johnson, created this website to help small businesses across America who are struggling and need fast capital. Here is How to Contact Us for guest posting, niche edits, and link insertions.

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There are over 31 million small businesses in America. Nearly 10% of them closed their doors in 2020, and not all of them will reopen in 2023. The main problem all businesses have is not having enough capital.

Whether you generate money each month and only need a business loan to expand your business or fix broken equipment, or you need money fast for emergencies, we can help you get up to $25,000 the same day.

We offer the fastest business cash advances online and we have the most basic requirements to get funded: if you have been in business for 6 months, have a credit score of 450 or higher, and have made $5,000 per month in revenue the last three months, you are in good shape.

If you need fast working capital, and have all your bank statements ready, chances are if you apply before 10am, Monday thru Friday, you can receive up to $25,000 the same day.

We work with the top lenders and have funded over $20 Billion in capital to desperate businesses, or just businesses that have a temporary hiccup and need fast capital. There is no hard credit check to see if you qualify.

How Does Same Day Working Capital Work?

Same day capital is where we work with our lenders to get you an offer within 24 hours – we also offer up to $2 million dollar loans within 3 to 5 business days.

Unlike banks, our business cash advances require no collateral, no waiting periods, and no red tape. When you fill out the application you will be able to see the terms and amounts you pre-qualify for. If you are happy with the terms you can ”accept” them and move to the second stage of your application which is connecting your business checking account.

Our business cash advances are straight-forward and are based on your monthly revenue. For example: if you generate $10,000 per month with your business you can receive up to 75% of that as a business cash advance. If you need between $25,000 to $2,000,000, you can probably get up to 2 times your monthly revenue as a loan.

If you accept the loan or advance you will get your own dedicated account manager. Payments of your advance will be automatically deducted from your business checking account through ACH on a daily or weekly basis – which allows you to get back to business instead of running to a bank to make payments.

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To apply simply click the apply here beneath here and fill out the 5 minute application. You must have made $5,000 a month or more in the last 3 months and have been in business 6 months. We accept sole proprietors, LLCs, and corporations. You must have a business checking account, an EIN, and not have too many liens or outstanding loans.

We work with over 700 industries, including but not limited to: auto repair shop loans, Jewelry store loans, Trucking Loans, restaurants and café loans, veterinarian loans, salon and spa loans, etc.

We work with any business that needs working capital, who has cash flow and can make daily or weekly payments, and makes $5,000 per month (for up to $25,000 advance) and $20,000 per month for loans up to $2 Million. You can also take out additional advances after 5 months.

Offer Customer Financing and Double Your Sales!

Are you a business owner in need to make more money with your business, but don’t know what to do? If you offer a product or service above $300, we might be able to help you.

Offering customer financing for your customers is probably the fastest “tweak” you can do to not only increase your sales by 85%, but also create repeat orders and more add-ons.

How does it work? If you’re a business in the U.S. and offer a product or service above $300, then fill out the questionnaire below this writing. What will happen, if you are approved, is you’ll get an umbrella of lenders working for you to get customer financing for your clients/customers.

You can improve your sales within 48 hours by getting third-party customer financing. All your customers and clients have to do is apply for financing on their phone or the branded loan offer website we give you. They will get loan offers based on their credit and they select the loan that works for them.

Once your customer is approved for the loan, you as the business owner, receive the full amount for the purchase immediately from the lender. Then, your customer begins a monthly payment plan with the lender.

The best news of all of this is you get the full amount upfront and the customer is happy making payments, which usually increases the average ticket size by 85%. And, there is absolutely no recourse to you if the customer defaults on their payments. It is only between the customer and the lender.

If this sounds like a great option for your business, then fill out the form below here. You could get customer financing set up in as little as 48 hours. It works seamlessly with what you already use. You don’t need to set up anything. It’s already done for you. Apply now and explode your sales! Need $40k Monthly Revenue to apply.

Thank you for visiting Same Day Working Capital. We hope you have found the same day working capital your business needs, or you found a new pathway for financial gain as a business loan broker. Thanks for reading and see you at the top! God bless.

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