Business Cash Advance Up to 2x Your Monthly Revenue in 3 Days

Business Cash Advance

Here is how you can get up to two times your monthly revenue as a business cash advance, no collateral bad credit, okay? You can get up to $2 million up to five days even if you have a score of 500 and no collateral. This is insane, banks normally need a 750 or higher from you to even lend to you. And banks are ONLY LENDING 14% out to businesses. Here’s our Business Cash Advance: up to 2x Your Monthly Revenue in 1 to 3 Days 2023

Business Cash Advance: up to 2x Your Monthly Revenue in 1 to 3 Days 2023

We’re going to dive into the requirements on how you can get up to two times your monthly revenue in one to three days as a business advance. 

So the first requirement is obviously the FICO. Now banks require at least a 740 to even look at your application, and they’re only approving 14% of businesses anyways, plus you have to put up collateral and you have to wait weeks or months and there’s red tape when they give you the money.

Business Cash Advance No Collateral in 1 to 3 Days 2023

With us, you don’t have to put up collateral. You only need a FICO of 500. The main thing that we’re looking at is their cash flow. So 500 gets you in the door and then we’re going to look at your cash flow. 

We can lend up to two times your monthly revenue. So if you’re doing let’s say you’re doing at least 15,000 a month with your business the last three months and haven’t had more than five negative bank days in the last three months (that’s one of the requirements) and you’re doing 15,000 a month with your business, then you can get up to 30,000 in one to three days. 

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Now this is working capital. So you can use the money to grow your business. You can use the money to stay in business. You can do anything you want with the money, but you have to have a business checking account. 

This is not available for personal checking accounts. You have to have a true business checking account. Now, most small businesses that have employees make over a million dollars a year so this is not a hard thing for you to do. 

I get many applicants every single day, business owners that are doing over $50,000 a month with their business. 

How much could you get if you’re doing 50,000 a month, the last few months with your business? 

You could get up to $100,000 in one to three days. Now for the larger advances up to 2 million, it might take five to seven days if you want $2 million. You’re gonna have to be doing a million dollars a month or more with your business the last three months. 

How Long in business Before Applying for a Business Cash Advance?

You have to be in business for four months or longer. That’s very easy. Most people can do that right away. That’s not a problem. 

The FICO is not a problem 500 to 500 or higher with no collateral. That’s great. The problem is people’s revenue, whether or not it’s consistent. 

So who do we provide Business Cash Advances to? 

We loan to people that have consistent cash flow, contractors, contractors that are running several teams, they are getting several deposits a week, they can do this. 

salon owners, they get money every single day from clients that come in and get their hair done; Restaurants, they’re making money every single day, but they might need that additional working capital to expand their restaurant. 

How to Use a Business Cash Advance 

You can use the money to add 20 to 50 new seats in your restaurant. Use the money ideally to increase your profitability. You know if you double your bottom line, then this money is going to be worth it. 

If you’re using the money because you’re struggling and you know, but you do have a 750 FICO or higher, you might want to go through the banks. 

This money is expensive. It’s for emergencies, or it’s for fast working capital so you can expand your business, improve your profitability, then you pay off this business advance and you have a business that’s doing twice or triple the revenue that you were doing a few months ago. That’s about it. 

How do I Repay a Business Can Advance?

The payment is weekly. All right, it’s daily or weekly so it’s going to come out automatically through your ACH of your business checking account. The factor rate is between 1.19 to 1.69 depending on your credit worthiness and your revenue.

That’s about it. So it’s as simple as clicking the link under this video/article and applying.

How to Expedite Your 2023 Business Cash Advance

If you want to speed up the application and funding times, obviously apply Monday through Friday early in the morning. So 9am 10am banking hours, and have three months of bank statements ready now. 

If you’re in a high risk industry like trucking, you might have to be doing 100,000 a month with your business. You might have to be doing consistent revenue for the last year because truckers are notorious for having slow seasons. 

A lot of businesses have slow seasons, but truckers are notorious for ups and down every single month. 

So the more consistent your cash flow is the better. But have those three months of bank statements ready, have a voided business check and your driver’s license.

Business Cash Advance of $100,000 or More

If you want more than 100,000, as a business advance, you’re going to want to have your profit loss statement for the year and you might want to have your last year’s tax return available to upload as well. 

If you have all that documentation ready when you apply, that can speed up your process and you could get a decision by the end of the day. 

So we’re going to look at your application and you might have to connect your bank account so we can analyze your checking activity and see if you have any negative days and so forth. 

If everything looks good, then we will email you a final amount. Okay. So there is a pre-approval amount and then we will do a final underwriting and then you either get another offer or the offer you want or you get declined based on the final underwriting stage. 

But clicking the link it is not going to hurt your credit. You will go through the process right away. We work with over 80 lenders to get you the fastest money possible online. So if that sounds good to you, then click the apply now link below.