Boost Sales Overnight with Third-Party Customer Financing

third party customer financing

Is your business lagging in sales and you want to boost sales overnight? Implementing third-party financing is without a doubt the fastest way to increase sales, ticket sales, and repeat customers in the shortest period of time. Read further on how to boost sales overnight with third-party customer financing.

What is Third-Party Customer Financing?

Third-party customer financing allows your customers to pay monthly payments on the products and services you provide. It has many benefits including increasing sales up to 85% and increasing in-store traffic by up to 20%.

There are two types of customer financing: In-house financing and third-party customer financing. They both have their pros and cons. In-house financing puts all the risk on the business owner if the customer stops making payments. With third-party customer financing, there is no clawbacks or recourse to the business owner if the customer defaults on payments.

Also, you take on all the financial and legal issues federally and state level if you offer in-house financing yourself. There is no legal recourse to you if you use third-party customer financing

Do you see a trend here? Third-party customer financing releases you from financial stress so you can run your business more efficiently while increasing sales potential. The best part of third-party financing is getting the full amount upfront for your product or service from the lender.

How Third-Party Customer Financing  Works to Boost Sales Overnight

Offering third-party customer financing can dramatically boost sales overnight because of two main reasons: for one, you can get third-party customer financing fully set up and integrated with your business within 48 hours.

Second, research has shown that providing customer financing can boost sales by up to 85%. Why is that? Allowing customers the ability to break down large ticket items into affordable monthly payments gives the customer or client more buying confidence and more purchasing power.

How Your Customers Use Third-Party Customer Financing 

We offer 1 to 15 year terms for customer financing and work with a price range between $300 to $100,000. So, if you have a remodel business and your biggest selling remodel are kitchens for $42,000, then you can offer customer financing and allow the customer to make payments, and you get the full amount upfront. It doesn’t get easier than this!

You will be given a merchant dashboard to see all your client’s loan arrangements, as well as a personally branded customer order form for them to fill out. Everything can be done through your website or even the customer’s mobile phone without paperwork.

Your customer can then view several loan offers and pick the one right for them. We work with several of the top lenders that work with poor credit all the way up to excellent credit. We have a lender that fits every type of customer and client, giving you more approvals and more sales.

Why Apply with Us for  Customer Financing

There are over 32 million small businesses in America. During 2020, almost 10% closed their doors, permanently or temporarily. I would say at least 1 to 5 million closed their doors permanently. Many small businesses have no recovered yet in 2023.

We strive to help every business in America survive because we are business owners ourselves. Nothing hurts us more than to see businesses shut their doors forever. 

Offering third-party customer financing is the quickest solution to boost your sales overnight. Within 48 hours your customer financing can be up and running which will not only give you relief and more profitability, but it can also give your customers less anxiety and more options during the buying process.

I hope we have helped you and have given you some relief in potentially boosting your sales overnight. Not many places offer this type of customer financing and we take pride in offering this program to you today. Please click apply here to fill out the brief questionnaire and best of luck to you with finding financing!