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restaurant business working capital

Restaurants are capital-intensive businesses. Restaurants have staffing problems, have tremendous overhead, have outrageous water and electric bills, and restaurant equipment is constantly breaking. Same-day restaurant business working capital might be the solution.

Restaurants were one of the hardest hit sectors during the pandemic. With $250 Billion in restaurant revenue erased in one year, over 110,000 restaurants might never return.

Restaurants are the backbone of America. We communicate the most with people while eating out. It is America’s pastime. But, it is not too late to help local restaurants and cafes reopen, or help them get the working capital they need.

There are over 1 million restaurants in the U.S. Many of those are still independently owned. They struggle now with getting staff to come into work. They need capital to create incentives to bring on new staff.

I have firsthand experience with running a kitchen. I worked back-of-house for over 20 years. Although I was never an owner of a restaurant, I worked closely with owners and Executive Chefs in making sure we served our guests in a timely manner, while juggling behind the scenes a number of malfunctions.

Why Restaurants Need Working Capital

Restaurants are constantly replacing broken appliances. If you look at the average prices for restaurant equipment you would be blown away.

$395 for a sink.

$995 for a 3 compartment sink.

$1785 for a deep fryer.

$2700 for 6 burner gas stove.

$4300 for a hood system.

With same day working capital, you can get funding the same day up to $25,000. With $25k, you could not only get new equipment, you can also hire new staff, and get some marketing going to get new customers to your establishment.

You could create a $500 hiring bonus, and advertise on Yelp, Yellow Pages, and run Google ads. Everyone searches for “best restaurant near me”. That could be a keyword you use for running Google ads.

How to Get Same Day Restaurant Business Working Capital

Our working capital is not a loan, but rather a business cash advance on your future revenue. Cash flow is more important to us than your credit score. 

In fact, you only need a 450 credit score for up to $25,000, and 500 credit score for up to $2 Million dollars. If you want more than $25,000, it won’t be same day funding, but 3 to 5 days.

Big banks are only approving 13% of small business loans right now and you need a near perfect credit score, plus collateral. They don’t need to help small businesses anymore – especially after the lockdown. They go after the $20 million dollar loans, not $20,000.

We want to help you stay open. I am committed to helping every restaurant in the country. It takes a few minutes to fill out the application and it won’t hurt your credit score. View the terms and accept them and you could get funds at the end of the day.

You also get your own dedicated account manager and can draw on funds more than once. Interest rate is calculated as a factor rate with merchant cash advances. Our rate is 1.19 to 1.49 times the funded amount. So, if you pay off the advance quickly, within 30 days, you would owe $11,900 if you borrow $10,000.


There will always be unexpected surprises in the restaurant business. At least you know you can get emergency funds within a day if something arises. 

I believe 100% in our alternative financing model. It not only helps almost any type of business get funding, but it also gives the underdog a huge advantage over the big banks. We work for the people, not corporate America.

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