Best Healthcare Services Business Cash Advance

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Whether you are a private caregiving facility or a hospice care provider, chances are you need consistent working capital to run your business. We can help by providing an immediate healthcare business cash advance to keep your business running.

The U.S. has the largest health sector in the world with over 800,000 healthcare service companies, which accounted for over $720 Billion in gross revenue in North America in 2023 alone. Caregiving is on the rise with over 53 million Americans providing care for someone, which is 9 million more than a decade ago.

Running a healthcare service business is expensive, and is a capital-intensive profession. From supplies, the expensive hospital beds, and hiring staff, a same day business cash advance might be very important to your business longevity. 

What is a Healthcare Business Cash Advance?

A healthcare business cash advance is a short term advance that is calculated based upon your future business revenue. Unlike a Merchant Cash Advance, which draws from your future credit card transactions, a business cash advance is more flexible and favorable in that it is based on general business revenue.

A business cash advance is ideal if you need working capital today. Healthcare businesses have huge overhead, and commercial hospital-grade equipment is expensive. Also, healthcare businesses have a huge turnover rate as caregivers are typically unwilling to travel far or except low hourly rates.

Benefits of a Business Cash Advance

Big banks have left small businesses behind ever since the pandemic. It is reported that only 13% of business loans are approved by big banks, plus there is a ton of red tape to qualify for a loan through them, i.e. you need a near-perfect credit score, usually have to put up collateral, and you then need to wait several weeks or months to finally get the funds.

A healthcare business cash advance gives you same day funds for whatever you need. You also don’t need to put up collateral, can have a credit score as low as 450, and can draw funds repeatedly if needed, almost like a line of credit.

How to use your business advance to grow your business

The most obvious reason to use a business advance is to take care of any outstanding debts, clear the slate so to speak, so you can breathe easier at night. You should also begin to look for reliable staff by advertising and instill some type of hiring bonus to attract the right employees. 

You can also attract clientele by running paid advertising in Yelp for Business, the Yellow pages, and any other classified ads or senior living websites. You can hire a social media marketing strategist to get your company in front of the right people on social media.

Again, the funds are yours to do what you need. We offer same day funding to over 700 industries and want to help any business with the right qualifications. We look at your existing cash flow, not your credit score. As long as you do $5,000 a month in revenue, have a business checking account, we can probably help you.

Why Choose Us for Your Healthcare Business Advance

We work with everyday people with everyday businesses. We root for the underdog and help small businesses which big banks won’t touch. You will also get a dedicated account manager to help you understand your funding, and assist you whenever you need additional funding.

The requirements for a healthcare services business cash advance is very minimal. You only need to be in business for 6 months, have a monthly revenue of at least $5,000 per month the last three months, and have no liens or too many NSF charges. We want to work with you! We are the only true same-day business advance service in America. Click the link to apply now.

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