Same Day Working Capital

Welcome to Same Day Business Capital, where we help small businesses in America, like yours, get same day working capital they need to stay in business!

I’ve seen it first hand, working alongside business owners from Restaurants and Cafes, to Soda Fountains, and Needlework Stores, that businesses need capital to keep going!

82% of businesses fail because they don’t have the funding to keep the doors open. This last year has been especially rough. I don’t need to tell you about it. 60% of businesses will never come back the same, or at all.

It is my mission to keep small businesses in the U.S going. There’s nothing I like seeing more on Sunday drives than little corner street stores with old men sipping lemonade on creaky bench seats outfront, like in Sugar Grove, North Carolina.

America is losing the character and backbone of a thriving cultural economy, and people are losing trust and faith in corporations and big banks.

The corporate bottom line is destroying value and quality at a rapid pace. Food today is a lot different than it was just a decade ago. 

For example: my dad owned a 50’s soda fountain a few years back. He put all his blood, sweat, and tears into a high quality 50’s experience, and used the best cream-based ice cream. 

On opening day, he had a line of customers around the block. He had nine high school girls wearing poodle skirts attending the customers. My mom, dad, and I worked harder than ever to ensure the customers got food and ice cream fast.

My Dad and Mom Opening their Soda Fountain.

A few years later, when my dad sold his business, the new owners thought only about the “bottom line.” They got cheaper ice cream, took halibut off the menu, and reduced the staff to two people.

My dad’s dream had been cheapened as another bottom-line profit-making business. We see it with everything, from the food on the shelves to the experiences we have going to the movies, parks, and stores. Quality comes second, if at all.

Additionally, over 120,000 restaurants alone were wiped out during the lockdown. This is only one fragment of the US economy. Over 500,000 business close down each year because of lack of capital. Same day capital can be made available to you now. No more big bank red tape!

So, I am passionate about helping small businesses survive and get same day working capital. We offer up to $25,000 same day funding in the form of a type of business cash advance. We only require a credit score of 450, six months in business, a business checking account, and $5,000 in revenue the last 3 months.

We offer a dedicated account manager who will work with you closely to get the funding you need. We are the only lender who can get you true same-day funding, sometimes in 6 hours or less. You can also draw more funds as you need it, almost like a line of credit. You can do what you like with the funds. You don’t need collateral to borrow or jump through a lot of hoops like you have to with big banks.

If this sounds good to you, please fill out the 5 minute application to see if you qualify. There is no hard credit pull to see if you qualify. You can view, accept or decline the offer. You can also draw from your funds repeatedly as you pay it down, and the factor rate will reduce the more you pay it down.

To your success!