$50000 Working Capital Business Loan within 24 Hours Unsecured

Working Capital Business Loan

Hi, this is Erik Johnson, business funding specialist. I help businesses stay open or expand by getting them fast working capital. Today we are going to talk about how to get a $50,000 working capital business loan.

$50000 Working Capital Business Loan within 24 Hours

I help over 700 types of businesses get the working capital they need to stay in business. We are going to go over the pros and the cons and how to get your money the fastest way possible. We have over 80 lenders that we work with. 17 of those are in-house, so we can get the money within 24 hours for you with the best rates. 

Requirements for Working Capital Business Loan

So let’s go over the requirements and then I am going to talk a little bit about who we help and some success stories and testimonials, and we will get you rocking and rolling as fast as possible. 

So if you are looking for a $50,000 business loan within 24 hours, the first thing you want to do is have three months of bank statements ready. You are going to want to have a voided business check. 

You are going to want to have a business checking account. This is not a personal loan. The income sources that you document have to be all from your business. They can’t be transferred from other accounts. 

How Much Revenue is Needed for Working Capital Loans

So you need to have at least $20,000 a month coming in every single month, the last three months. If you want 50,000, you are probably going to need 25,000 a month coming in, because we can loan up to two times your monthly income. 

So if you need $100,000, you are probably going to have to generate 50,000 a month in revenue; if you need a 1 million dollar business loan, you will need to do at least $500k per month. That is just how it works. 

The other thing you need is to be in business for four months or longer and have a FICO of 500 or higher. This is a no collateral unsecured loan. You are not going to have to put up collateral. It is all dependent on your cash flow. 

Why Use a Working Capital Business Loan

You might ask why do I need a loan if I have cash flow? Many businesses get this business cash advance because they want to expand. In fact, there was a lady that owned a Mexican restaurant. She borrowed $100,000 because she wanted to create a patio outside and expand her footprint and bring in 100 more seats. 

She knew that she was going to quadruple her profits by doing this. So to borrow $100,000 was no big deal, even at a factor rate of 1.25. Okay, so that means that she would have to pay back $125,000 at the end of the term, which is actually a decent rate when you will be boosting your earnings significantly. 

If you are thinking about getting a fast business loan, these ones are for high risk credit typically but we do have loans for great credit as well if you can’t wait for a bank loan, because bank loans can take weeks or months and you have to put up collateral and you have to have near perfect credit score. 

Working Capital Loan Rates

With these types of loans we use factor rates and the factor rate ranges between 1.19 to 1.49 – and we can loan you from $25,000 all the way up to $2 million. 

So this woman borrowed $100,000 And she built the patio right in all these new tables and her profits exploded. There is a trucking company that actually borrowed from me, and they wanted to get a new tractor trailer. They wanted to use the money to hire new drivers. And so forth. 

Who Uses Working Capital Business Loans

So I have helped many businesses get working capital. I have helped an electric company in Chicago get the money they need to stay open; I helped a transport company in Austin, Texas get the money they needed to stay open; I helped a beauty salon in Charlotte, North Carolina get the money that they needed to expand. 

Working Capital Loans for All Business Needs

So it doesn’t matter what you use the money for as long as it’s business related – and I am very glad to help. I am committed to helping you guys stay open and get the money that you need to stay in business. 

We are committed to helping hundreds of businesses stay open in the next year. So if this sounds good to you, click the link under this article and apply. 

Like I said we have 17 in house lenders we we work with, all the top lenders out there, and we get better rates than if they were to apply with them individually because we get group bulk rates and then we also have 80 lenders on top of that, so almost 100 lenders can help you get this by signing one application, filling out one application. 

You don’t want to fill out other applications before doing this one because it will lower your score with us. It is a soft credit pull, and it’s only done one time, one soft credit pull and we can use that with our 100 lenders. 

So if you are looking to expand your business, or if you are looking to pay off all debt, or it is a slow time, working capital can save your business.

How Working Capital Business Loan Can Dramatically Increase Profits

I grew up with my parents who were entrepreneurs. They are business owners, they owned a big equipment, heavy equipment rental yard, and they had slow months. They could have used that money. 

They could have used that money to get more heavy equipment because they rented it out and if they had, you know if they only had one bobcat and it was rented out, then other contractors would have to wait a week until that Bobcat came back. 

But if my parents had that availability to get that business working capital, then they could have bought two more Bobcats or another trencher or 10 more lawn mowers and they would have increased their profit margin dramatically. 

Same thing with their soda fountain that they got later on. They built that from scratch and brought in all the soda fountains but there were some slow months even though it was the best soda fountain in the Pacific Northwest. 

They could have used that working capital to then, you know, do more advertising, get in national magazines and bring in people from all over the world to their store, but they didn’t do any advertising and they had to sell the business.

So I am committed to helping the small business owner. It is you guys who are on the front line of capitalism. We want to help you. We are committed to helping you so I want to build trust and rapport with you guys. And know that this is a long term, this is my long term vision to help small businesses stay open. 

So thank you for watching and fill out the application below and I hope that you get the funds you need to stay in business.