3 Best LLC Business Loans – Bad Credit Ok | No FICO

Best LLC Business Loans

Today, we are going to talk about the 3 Best LLC loans that you can get literally in 10 minutes up to three days depending on what amount you need. There are over 21 million LLCs in America. Now what is the number one reason that companies go under if they don’t have enough working capital? So we are going to talk about how you can get working capital for your LLC startup. 

3 Best LLC Business Loans – Bad Credit Ok | No FICO 2023

Okay, so if you’ve been in business for at least four to six months, this is something that’s going to help you. 

You can get working capital anywhere from $500 in 10 minutes, up to $2 million in three to five days, no collateral, bad credit. 

The only thing that we’re looking at is your cash revenue. So the key to starting a business is launching it loud and launching it big because you want to have a track record. 

You want to have established revenue for at least three of the last six months. Now, if you’re doing at least 3000 a month with your business the last few months, you are in good hands, even if you have a personal checking account for your business. That’s fine. 

Normally, banks don’t even look at you if you have a personal checking account for your business but we have something today that can help you get up to $5,000 in 10 minutes, even if you have no FICO, no collateral and a personal checking account. 

3 Best LLC Business Loans Same Day Funding Bad Credit Ok

So let’s dive into the different business cash advance programs that we offer:

One: Instant Business LLC Advance up to $5,000

The first one is same day funding up to $5,000. Now if you are doing $3000 a month with your business, this has to be business revenue. All right. 

So even if you’re using a personal checking account, if you’re showing in your personal checking account $3000 in deposits each month, at least making three deposits a month, then you’re in good hands, you have to be in business for six months or longer. 

You have to have an online checking account, alright. It can’t be any of these alternative app accounts. It has to be a legit checking account through a bank. Now I use Chase. 

I’ve loved Chase, and you know you can use Wells Fargo, you can use many other programs. I think you can even use Square or PayPal. I’m not sure about PayPal, but you definitely want a checking account online. 

So here’s the thing. We can loan you up to 25% of your monthly revenue. So if you are doing $5000 a month with your business the last three months and you’ve been in business for six months or longer, you can get in advance up to $1250 All right, 25% of your revenue. 

If you’re doing 10,000 a month, then you can get up to $2,500. Now I know it doesn’t seem like a lot of money. This business program is primarily for independent contractors, freelancers, and gig workers. 

You know, they drive for a living and they get a 1099 income statement each year. They’re making three or four deposits a month, they work for Uber, DoorDash, you know, but you can use this too if you’re self employed, and you only have a personal checking account. 

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Two: LLC Business Cash Advance up to $25,000 the Same Day

So moving on to the next one. This one is up to $25,000 the same day. Bad Credit okay, no collateral. Now check this out. Normally, if you get a bank loan, you need a FICO of 700 or higher. 

We just lowered the FICO requirement. It’s not even 550 anymore. You can get a loan through us with a 450 FICO. That’s right, we lowered it back down to 450. 

So you just need to be in business for six months. With this one. You need a business checking account Alright, so you have to be a legitimate business, have a business checking account, and you have to be doing over 5000 a month in sales, making three to four deposits a month business revenue, online banking. 

So this one is a lot better than the last one because we can get 75% of your monthly revenue. So if you’re doing $10,000 a month with your business, or more, you know, like I said you can do $5000 a month that’s the minimum. 

For example, if you’re doing $10,000 a month with your business the last three months, you can get a $7,500 Advance literally the same day. 

Now if you want to expedite this and make sure that you get the money the same day, have three months of bank statements ready to upload and have your driver’s license ready and a voided business check. 

The terms are four to six months now you’re going to have an automatic daily payment. That’s how you’re going to pay this back. It’s gonna come out through your checking account automatically through ACH on a daily basis. 

Sometimes you can ask for a weekly payment option, but normally it’s daily. The reason why it’s daily is it will take a small portion out of your bank instead of a larger portion, which a lot of people can’t handle. 

So the daily payment is a lot easier for many business owners. And if you understand what that means it just makes more sense. 

So this one is our most popular loan program. Like I said if you’re doing consistent revenue, and you don’t have more than five negative bank days in the last 90 days, and you’re consistently doing 5000 a month and this is good.  

The application is going to redirect you to one of these programs but let’s move on to the last one. It’s the biggest one available, and that is up to $2 million literally in three to five days. 

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Three: LLC Business Loan up to $2 Million in 3 to 5 Days

Now this one we can lend you the most money up to two times your monthly revenue. All right now you need a business checking account like the last one. 

This one if your LLC is only four months old, and you’ve been doing 15,000 A month or more the last three months you only need a FICO of 500 for this one. 

If you have these requirements, you can get up to two times your monthly revenue as long as you don’t have any other outstanding loans. You don’t have too many negative days, and you don’t have any felonies or any weird fraudulent marks on your record. 

The terms are four to 24 months. All right. Now this one will come out daily as well. Some do have weekly payment options. You can’t have more than five negative days in the last 90 days. 

So you have to be doing consistent revenue. All of these funding programs, our business cash advances, and that means that they’re based on your revenue. So when you start your business, you want to start loud and fast and you want to get that three months of steady income with your LLC. 

All right, so tell all your friends, run advertising, get that income going for three months consistently. And then if you need working capital to keep going, which you can use the money for anything, then get one of these business cash advances to keep you going. That’s my tip to you today. 

If you are an LLC, business owner in America, these are the fastest funding options you will find for your business. So click the link under this article to apply takes five minutes and it will repoint you to the right program. Depending on your answers if you do qualify. All right, if you don’t meet the general requirements, it will just close the account on you and the application won’t be approved. All right. So check it out. Thank you for reading this blog post. 

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