$1 Million Dollar Small Business Loan in 24 Hours

$1 Million Dollar Small Business Loan

Are you a small business owner looking to get up to a million dollars within 24 hours? We have exactly the right thing for you up to $1 million dollar small business loan within 24 hours. 

$1 Million Dollar Small Business Loan

I am going to go over the requirements really fast. Why would you need a million dollars? Everyone has various reasons, but the most obvious ones are to expand business. 

There are a lot of businesses right now that are expanding, which is great news. They need money right now. They already have a monthly revenue of at least $20,000. 

But I am going to talk about what it takes exactly to get a $1 million dollar small business loan within 24 hours. Now let’s look at some overall prices of what it costs. 

If you want to get another restaurant let’s say you are already a restaurant owner, you are already making $500,000 a month and you want to get another restaurant under your belt, start a chain or a franchise, the median price to get a restaurant is about $100,000. 

That is definitely on the low end. If you are looking at a McDonald’s or something like that. It can be about a million dollars for one franchise. So this is a very low ballpark figure: $100,000. 

Let’s say that you are a semi truck owner and you want to get another fleet going at another location, while the average price of a semi truck or a tractor trailer is about $150,000. Again, that is on the low spectrum. 

So people that need more than $500,000 from us, they are typically wanting to expand their business. Their business is already doing good. 

1 Million Dollar Business Loan

Especially after the pandemic, things are looking up but they want to expand and they want a new location. They want a new fleet of trucks, whatever it may be. In fact, yesterday I had a trucking company request a $60,000 logistics loan

Now that is on the low end, but they probably only need to buy fuel. Maybe they are doing a hiring bonus to get you know 10 new drivers, whatever it may be. But we do have the availability of a million dollars or even $2 million and we are going to go over exactly what it takes to get that. 

So if you look at this platform, this is David Allen Capital. You can get up to $2 million this week. It says down here, receive a decision within one day and get your capital of $2 million as soon as one to two business days. 

Alright, so what we are going to do is we’re going to look at the qualifications really fast. I have to scroll down. I am going to leave a link under this video and article where you can apply if you meet these requirements. So there are many places that you just click the button there. 

Next up to quick funds, right so you click on that. It is going to go to the business capital for a pre qualification form. This is where you’re going to say that you make at least now it says $15,000 the last three months but we would actually like them to do 20,000 a month. 

Now, get this. This is where it is really crucial. We can loan you up to two times the amount of your monthly revenue. So if you need a million dollars, you are going to have to be doing $500,000 the last three months. Okay. 

But right here all you have to do is check the boxes. My business has done at least $15,000 in sales each of the last three months. If you have not met that requirement, you can always click this tab up here that says Get up to 25k today, but this is for a million dollar small business loan. So we are going to assume that we make $20,000. 

We are going to assume that we make 500,000 every single month for the last three months. You have a bank account, not a personal account. Okay, so we need you to connect your bank account to this application. After you go through this step. I have at least three deposits per month in my business bank account. You check that I have less than five days with a negative bank balance or NSF in the last 30 days, so you got to check that. 

1 Million Loan for Business

Okay, how much are you looking for? How much or how much money are you seeking? Again, we can fund between $25,000 to $2 million. We can usually qualify you for one to two times your monthly revenue. So keep that in mind. 

So you are going to write down what you are seeking. And then how much do you average per month and sales? You are going to write that down. 

Okay, then Does your company have an existing merchant cash advance or cash advance loan? Now, if you have outstanding loans, we might have to deduct that amount that is already outstanding for you. But if you have no other loans, do me a favor and apply to this first. 

Do not try to get a business loan anywhere else because the more you try to get a business loan, the more it’s going to affect your credit score. And the more you lower your credit score, the less we can give you alright so just apply through the link under this video or article. 

Because here is the thing, we only do a soft credit pool, it is not going to affect your credit and then we can get your offer in front of our 17 in house lenders. Okay and if that if they don’t approve it, we can work up to 100 lenders to look at what you are looking for. Okay, so if you are looking for up to a million dollars in a day or two fill out this form, okay, click the link under this video. Thank you for watching. I hope you get funded and good luck.

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